Monday, 18 April 2011

That's pretty slender mang...

Hello there!

I am Lucas, I'm nineteen years old and from the United Kingdom. Simply put, I decided to properly document my own Slenderblog, which is a blog about this mysterious Slenderman that I first saw appear Marble Hornets. I love this kind of thing, ARG's are something simply fascinating, a great big puzzle that draw me in... Marble Hornets does much the same, though it's downright scary and Lovecraftian, and I unashamedly have screamed at moments.

But enough about me really, this is about my slenderblog... The general premise is essentially that this guy driving and suddenly he comes across someone looking half mad, as if she's been attacked, he then sees the slenderman in the distance... Heading home they talk and suddenly BOOM!

Slenderman in the back seat. This is gonna be awesome.


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  1. Also, I'm going to be doing not link this to my own "other" slenderblog, nor will I link this from there. This is more to document my thoughts upon it. Nothing else really.