Tuesday, 31 May 2011

stolen joel's phone for a little while

Guess who?


It's me, Lucas.

Everything you see down there in the last post is true apart from one thing. The Wolfman bit it off, he didn't use a knife. I was already broken when that monster started on me...

Can't think about anything else, need to keep moving, keep distracted.

Monday, 30 May 2011

Still alive.

Ok, first things first. Who am I?

I am Joel Sydney Harper. The only son of Lucy Harper (deceased) and some guy I don't know/care about. 

The luckiest fucker in the world.

Well, I would be if Lucas would speak to me. Or if he wasn't hurt. Or if I hadn't been such a coward before. Or a thousand other things that are going on right now...

Ok, starting from the start. 

I came to the park armed. I had a a small pocket knife resting in (LE GASP!) my pocket, along with a monkey wrench hanging from my belt that had a good weight to it so I assumed it'd down him if I hit him with it. 

Everything went as expected, Wolfie met me where I met Lucas that time. He then headed into the forested area. I followed him quickly as he led me through and toward a small warehouse. You know the kind that always happens to be the bad guy's hide out in films.  It was around that time where I slipped the wrench out of my belt and into my sleeve. 

Lucas was sat in a chair right in the centre, there was a lot of blood on the floor around him, his hands tied behind his back. I called out to him and he looked up and just looked back down again. It was then that the Big Bad Wolf pointed to another chair. Presumably telling me to sit down. 

It's a little fuzzy at this point. I think I dropped the wrench down and smacked him with the end of it. And I'm pretty sure he crumpled, but that's about it. I remember grabbing Lucas and seeing Slendy and running hand in hand with him as all the lights went out in the warehouse.

How it must have looked, two young men running hand in hand from a skinny, faceless, giant with too long arms and legs. I can imagine it would have looked so surreal. But we got into town, we were safe. I sat Lucas down in a Starbucks and got us both coffees, trying to let the adrenaline wear off. It was then that I noticed his finger... 

A large part of his left ring finger had been cut off at the joint. I asked to have a look, took his hand, but he wrenched it back. Cradling it against his chest and glaring at me. He hadn't said a single word to me. But then, I guess that's right... He'd seen his family killed and his friend desert him. Of course he blames me...

I can't imagine what he's going through...

I'm writing this on a bus down south, I'm going to head to where the most people are at. Maybe see if I can get out of the country with him. I want out of this nightmare and I want to take Lucas with me. I want to make him safe again.

The bus is coming to a stop, I'm gonna stop writing for now, Lucas seems to be waking up. He's been out pretty much since we caught the bus a few hours ago and keeps crying himself awake. I'm gonna tell him I'm keeping up with the blog, letting the few people who are out there and care about this, know that we're as safe as we can be for now. Either way, we've got a lot of miles to go and I pray to those non existant gods that we succeed in outrunning Him.

After that I'm gonna get some shuteye, I haven't slept in two days, apparently that's a bad thing to do.

Good night whoever is reading this.


Test Testing posting from phone's email.

Still alive but running like fuck. Waiting for the bus out of here. I have Lucas... Well most of him... Long story. I'll tell later. I can't believe my luck.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Ok. I'm doing it.

Fuck the consequences.

Meet up.

Almost as soon as I posted a comment suggesting a meet up, I got Lucas leaving a message on my answer phone. He sounded not too bad, scared, but still alive. He said that if I didn't turn myself in, meeting him at the same park as before, tonight, he would be killed.

That fucker! He had me pegged from the word "go." I've seen his profile, his blog, talking about us, what he's doing to Lucas. He wants me and doesn't care who he goes through... I can't go to the police, they'll be too busy asking questions about Lucas's family. It's not like they'll believe I'm being stalked by Tall Dark and Faceless.

So what am I supposed to do? I mean, this IS a trap. But my conscience says "go." Dammit Wolf. I hate you so much... Either way, I'm gonna keep armed from now on...

Edit: If I do do this, I am breaking every damn rule in the book. The park has trees, lots of trees. Yes it's near town, but I doubt it'll be in the open part of the park. Plus Wolf knows I'm going to be there and has time to prepare for me. The place is public though, that's one good point about it.


Saturday, 28 May 2011

Think Think Think..

Calmer now. Still running, but calmer now.

Ok what happened, what happened...

What did happen?

I met Lucas, the place was a park in the centre of town, we'd walked together there once or twice and the moment seemed right. He looked at me and we- DAMMIT!

It was an intelligent place, it was quiet enough, but a couple of minutes of running and you were in the centre of town. I met him there, it was safe. I held him in my arms. He then told me that he needed to go home and collect a few things. He didn't tell me what happened that made him believe but he seemed out of it. Scared even. I didn't press.

We took the bus to his house. He said he'd be right back.

Ten minutes passed, then twenty... I decided I was going to go in, ask his parents if I could have a chat with him. I knocked on the door and pushed it open, it was then that I felt a tackiness under my boots. The house was dark mostly but I could smell it, like each step I took made me more repulsed. This was the first time I'd been to his house, so this was all new to me. I walked through, tripping over a ladder that had fallen on the floor and barely rescuing myself. I heard crying from another room and moved to flick the light on.

The Wolf had him. I... He had him close, a knife against his throat. All around was the source of the blood, painting the cream walls red... It's difficult to not feel sick thinking about it. There were three people sat on the couch, two big and one shorter. All of them had had their faces removed, presumably with a knife and chests cracked open like someone had been practising autopsies, but their cavities were filled with plastic bags... I'm so so sorry Lucas... I tried to protect you from this...

Wolfie told me to go into the garden, he followed with Lucas, in shock, at knife point still. I couldn't do anything at this point. I stood there as he said "Swap." He wanted me to trade places with Lucas and I was going to! But I felt something, I turned around and He was there, right in front of me.

So I ran. I couldn't save Lucas and I ran... He started screaming and I just kind of pushed it out of my mind, I didn't want to know who I was leaving in His hands... I don't know if he's alive or if he's dead or if he's been hallowed or tortured.

I may as well have taken the knife to him myself...

I should have done the swap...

If I hear anything about Lucas, I'll post on here. But right now this is me signing off.


Thursday, 26 May 2011



They took Lucas... I saw him. He was THERE. UI TRIED. I swear i tried! It was a trap!

im so sorrty I am i swear i ama FUCKIBG COWARD. I RAN. I should have SAVED HIM! I should ahve...

Lucas. please come back please come back please come back please come back please come back please come back please come back please come back please come back please come back please come back please come back please come back please come back please come back please come back please come back please come back please come back please come back please come back please come back please come back please come back please come back please come back please come back please come back please come back please come back please come back please come back please come back please come back please come back please come back please come back please come back please come back please come back please come back please come back please come back please come back please come back please come back please come back please come back please come back please come back please come back please come fucking back RUN FROM THEM!


i need to get him back from that fucking wolf i need to the FUCKER. THAT FUCKING FUCKER IS GONNNA GODDAMN BURN

his family


o god o god o god o god o god o god o god o god o god o god o god o god o god o god o god o god o god o god o god o god o god o god he's gonna die aint he? the wolfs gonna kill him. pleasedon't please...

And I find it kind of funny. I find it kind of sad...

You knowt he next line.

Ggod I feel like a doubting thomas right now. >.<

Meet me the second place we kissed in public, 11pM tonight. wen eed to meet.


Wednesday, 25 May 2011


I had a note pushed under my door tonight. I don't know what to think about it. All it said was "Faith."


What about faith? I have faith in my family, that they love me, I have faith in Joel, that we'll see each other again. I have faith in-


There is one place that I have been lacking in faith. Christianity.

When I first started liking guys, I pushed it back in my head. My religion said it was wrong, I believed everything else, I pushed it back, I repressed myself.

I repressed myself and it broke me. I didn't stop liking guys, I refused to like guys. I listened to sermons, and I sung to all the hymns and songs and I listened to them saying. "Be the best you can be." Or "God loves you personally." And silently hearing after it. "As long as you're not gay." 

Then one day, I stood up, made a big deal of getting my coat and gloves on, (It was winter,) and I walked out during the sermon, slamming the door. A few days later I came out and I had NEVER felt so free in my life. The vicar used a story, and it made me truly angry. It was about someone who came into the church, must have been a good ten or twenty years before. (The guy is ancient.)

She was a woman who said she wanted to know God. She went into church and felt the spirit around her. But when she got talking to the parishioners, they all told her she had to stop being with her female partner. She was in love with her, but she wanted to know this God she felt whilst she was in church.

So she asked her pastor.

Who told her that homosexuality was a sin. And that if she ever wanted to know the love of god, then she would have to split up with her girlfriend. So she left. She didn't want to split up with her girlfriend in search of some god who may or may not bring her happiness.

I'm sure there was a point, something like "There will always be people who refuse the word of god." But to be honest, they asked her to choose between a love she was familiar with, and a love that may or may not even be there and she hardly knew about.

That in my eyes, is one good way of being a bad human being, let alone a Christian.

But faith, what I believe in, what I get strength from. I get strength from God, I get strength from family, I get strength from Joel, I get strength from feeling like I'm not alone, like I have some semblance of belonging.

Well... Enough spilling everything about me. Dammit I need stop fucking crying.

I'll be better tomorrow, less emotional and stressed I guess. I finish my meds, I'll go out for the first time in what feels like weeks, it'll be a good day. :)


Tuesday, 24 May 2011

I saw the strangest thing a moment ago.

This whole situation has had me looking over my shoulder a little more. Hoping I'd see nothing, but at the same time. I want to see something. I want to believe you Joel. But all I've had are dreams, dreams and... I'll discuss that in a moment. My dream has changed. The "Scene" where I presume the "Big Bad Wolf" was going to murder me in bed has gone. Now I just have the "Running through the forest and getting killed by this canine friend of ours."

But whilst I've been ill, I've been keeping myself busy. Getting some work done for my exams, I'm getting so extremely stressed right now simply because I really and I mean really want to go to University.

Well yeah, I took a break from working, went downstairs, got a drink and read for a little while. It was when upstairs that I found a note on my door. I'm not equipped for anything but it's pretty clear on the message.

Either way, I scrambled around the house, checked all the cupboards, all the wardrobes, under the beds, anywhere a person could possibly hide. I then discovered an open upstairs window.

The smaller words next to "high" say: "Proof enough?"

Well, at least it's spelled correctly and not written in crayon... And I also get the reference to M... So the writer is reading this blog likely.

All I know right now is that someone's messing with me, it's a prank. I'm sorry but it has to be. I mean, this whole idea that some freak of nature is going after kiddies and turning adults into proxies is just too far out to be true. It's too complicated and involves all of these other fallacies to be true...

Either way, whoever put that note there, good jump from that second floor window, it must have been impressive to watch if you didn't break your legs.


Monday, 23 May 2011


I'll keep this short and to the point.

M is one of the few who I truly turned to when things got difficult last year. I never had the time to focus on the other larger blogs. I was panicking, I had projects due in in days and I was being haunted by this fucking Proxy. The story, his lessons and his "Just keep running" attitude kept me reasonably sane. When he suddenly dropped everything and stopped posting last year, I thought that that was the end. He was dead, deceased, fallen off the mortal coil, gone for good.

But he wasn't, and if this unconscious person is M, then he is alive, and that is a blessing to all of us.

We've never met, we likely never will, you'll likely never even read this blog. But your information saved my life. I wish I was exaggerating but it did. You'd better get well soon M.


Today has been a good day.

I finally had a good night's sleep last night. No nightmares, no coughing, no nothing! So that's an improvement. I'm hurting less too, less weak than before. So it looks like I'm over the steepest part of this hill. The medication I'm getting is still making me queasy, and when I finally got up I started having a coughing fit but yeah. I'm almost  better.

Also, ALSO! I finally got a hold of Joel. I have been calling him at 1 PM every day and finally he had his phone on. I didn't record the call, but I shall remember to do that next time. The general gist of it though was this:

J: Lucas, How've you b-
L: Where are you Joel?
J: I can't say on here, I don't trust phones.
L: Ok. Are you close?
J: Yup, how are you feeling?
L: Better than I was yesterday. I-I'm sorry about that by the way.
J: It's fine, I-we wouldn't have even been involved if I hadn't stumbled across-
L: Across what?
J: -Silence-
L: Across what?
J: Damn I miss you.

He then hung up on me. I rang him again but the phone was turned off. I left a message to the tune of; "When I see you again, then I will need to know everything about this thing you're so scared of." Either way, it was ten seconds that I wanted. I'd have loved to chat for longer but yeah, he believes he's on the run.

Joel, because you didn't let me reply: I miss you more. Come back in one piece..


Sunday, 22 May 2011

Big Bad Wolf.

I'm improving, my throat is less painful today than it was yesterday. This medication that is making me feel like utter shit, making me puke every few hours or so, is actually helping my throat. Which is good!

I've been trying to work out who this "Big Bad Wolf" guy I keep seeing is. Each time I think about it, it gets more and more and more confusing. One part of me thinks. "LOLFURRIES!" and the other part of me thinks. "Holy shit, if this is the guy who made Joel run, then I should be scared."

But I'm not. That's the thing, I've not seen anything, not heard anything. All I have is the word of a guy who I met a month ago and a hundred or so blogs of people who may or may not exist and regardless of the fact I'm in a whirlwind of a relationship with him, that is not the best of evidence proving the existence of some tall skinny guy who has no face, or this creepy wolf from my nightmares. (Oh god long sentence!)

But at the same time, the Slenderman has captured something deep inside me, something primal, a fear inside me. I need to see in order to believe, and that terrifies me.

I just want to see you Joel. I miss you.


Saturday, 21 May 2011

Uh... Hi there...

Well, Lucas gave me access to his account. He sent a text with the user and password to my phone...

Bad privacy practice aside, I just wanted to tell you all, (yes you too Lukie.) That I am well. I'm running, but I'm well. I'm sorry I had to run and the circumstances around it. But I had no choice in the matter. I saw Him. He tore up my room, destroyed my laptop. I packed money and clothes and I fucking got out of there.

I wish so much that we could be together right now, but it's difficult. Hopefully, if He's hunting me, then He isn't hunting you. I just want you to be safe from this guy. Especially when I found out that you were getting ill, running is not something for someone who should probably be bed bound.

Either way I adore you and if your nightmare changes again, or you see Him or proxies or anything, post here. I'll get in contact and try and get you out of there.


EDIT: Also the code wasn't mine, something's off here...

Friday, 20 May 2011

Going to the Dr's again...

Yeah, my sleep schedule has been pretty fucked up recently, and the antibiotics haven't helped at all. If anything, I've gotten worse. I've been coughing up god knows what. Not to mention that Joel has gone missing, I rang him multiple times. Hell, I even went to his house. His housemates... Uh... Well they know me reasonably well now, but as far as they knew, he had gone to see his parents. Now the issue is that I've not met his parents and even if I did know, I don't really want to knock on their front door and go "Hi there! I'm Joel's fuckbuddy/boyfriend-type-thing!"

However, when I asked his housemates, told them I was worried about him, I discovered that they were worried about him too, he'd been acting differently, flinching at noises and locking himself in his room. But they haven't seen him for a couple of days. Summary: It seems his coded comment (Thanks Aimee.) was his "I'm running away." note...

In other news, the dreams haven't stopped, but I'm kind of getting desensitised by them. It still feels painfully real, but at the same time, it's just a dream, I'm not getting as shaken up about it as I was before. There was a difference last night, I wasn't caught by the Big Bad Wolf in the forest, I was caught by Slendy. I can't explain it, it was like my soul was "drained." I still saw myself in my eyes, but I wasn't me any more, I was, I dunno, maybe a revenant or hallowed, the kind of thing you get in these blogs. One of Slenderman's servants.

And, if, hypothetically, there is a tall, dark, faceless thing out there. Judging by the blogs I have read, I will probably have little choice in the matter. I am not the kind of person who runs. And if you don't run then you end up broken.

Also I worked out the whole non caps thing. It was put in after it had been translated. As far as I can tell, the characters are:  "Love yew" Is that it? Is that your goodbye?

Joel, because I know you're reading this. I am giving you a choice and it is a simple one. GET IN CONTACT WITH ME! or FUCKING GET IN CONTACT WITH ME!

EDIT: Wait... Does this make me a clingy/jealous boyfriend? I dunno. Sorry Joel if I am... I'll give you some space...

Thursday, 19 May 2011

I guess I should explain...

What I did yesterday was stupid and childish and not like me, sure I'm a troll, but yeah... I shouldn't let people get to me like that... It's just this whole infection thing, it's been getting the better of me. It's difficult for me to focus on anything for more than a few minutes and I have exams coming up and I can't revise for that very reason. My head is in utter agony, I didn't get much sleep the night before... I had a nightmare, and that combined with illness made it difficult to get back to sleep...

"What nightmare?" You ask I'm sure. It had me pretty shaken when I woke up, I immediately turned the light on after and looked around my room, I couldn't sleep really for the rest of the night, found myself coughing too much.

It just felt so real, even though it was bouncing between two scenes, two possibilities...

I push open the door to my room, I feel taller than usual, wearing a hoodie, I know this because I reach inside. 

I am running through the forest, it's dark, I don't know where or what or how, but I know, I feel terrified of something, I feel the cool air hurt my throat, making my chest raw as I run.

I tug out a flick knife, it's big, dangerous looking and take a step forward into the room, looking around.

I am running faster, I can hear the howl behind me, I don't think, I don't turn around, I just run. I hear footsteps closer to me, branches whip at my face as I turn toward a dense area of brush, trying to avoid whatever is following me. 

I feel my heart rate increase, my fingers tightening around the moulded handle, I've done this plenty of times before, I enjoy it. The blade flicks out with a "Shing," the silvered knife glinting in the dim light of my room.

I feel brambles cutting at my clothes, at my flesh, I feel pain but still keep going, out into a clearing, it is colder here than under tree cover, there is fog. 

I watch the knife, and then see a figure in the bed, it's natural, it's all going to be ok, it'll hurt but he deserves it. I move toward the bed and see his face... 

I turn around to check if I am being followed again, I don't think so and as I look forward once more, I collide into someone. A tall figure, I know who this one is, in a suit, faceless. I turn to run once more fear driving every muscle in my body to beyond it's capabilities. 

The face is mine, this body I am in isn't! It's someone else's, I'm in bed. I'm asleep... I-no He, watches me, pressing the blade up against my throat. It's good. I deserve it, it'll hurt but it's all going to be ok in the end..

I turn around and yelp as I see the figure I was running from, a human in a wolf mask, a leap is all it takes to bring me down and he moves over me, his knee on the side of my neck, caressing my cheek with a roughness. I am a fox at the mercy of a dozen hounds... Just waiting to be torn up into tiny pieces.

He presses the knife down, forces it into my throat, my eyes open for a moment as I feel the immense pain delivered to me, I convulse, I try and speak but no words come out, just the gargling from the newly acquired wound. He takes off his mask, I am still looking through his eyes, but I can tell it is a wolf's mask. He is showing me his face. He pushes further down, slitting my throat properly, watching as blood spurts onto white bedsheets, splattering his gloved hands. "Goodnight."  

"Who are you?" I ask into the damp grass, the scent of life seeping through my nostrils and my body loses the energy to fight. I know He is watching, I know I have no escape, I accept it. "I'm the Big Bad Wolf. My Master has no use for you." He stands. I stay there. He raises his booted foot and brings it hard down onto my neck, I hear a crack and then everything goes dark.

It was then that I woke up. I don't get it, I don't think I will, I've not been stalked by Mr Creepy-No-Face. I'm not sure who this "Big Bad Wolf" is. But I've had it two nights in a row now. And it feels so real, I feel the pain, I see how my face screws up when he pushes the knife in... I can't stop thinking about it...

Also Joel, we need to talk right now this second about your comment. I am ringing you up as I type. If any of you followers can help with decoding it, it'd be much appreciated. I mean 4 Across sounds familiar, but I can't remember why...

I am leaving the post I did yesterday on here for posterity's sake. I should be better at dealing with stress, regardless of my state of health. Whoever you are Anonymous Commenter, I apologise. I still don't believe, but it doesn't mean I should lash out.


Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Dear Anonymous commenter to my last post:


Oops... I'm sorry, did I accidently do what you told me not to? D'awwwww. 

What you said sounded like a challenge, and regardless of if it was intended as a threat, I am ill, my head feels like it is gonna explode, my tonsils are gradually expanding to make it even MORE difficult to swallow, I'm having nightmares in the little sleep I catch and I'm not in the mood for people playing fucking mind games with me, Joel or otherwise. I'm not a fucking believer in the Slenderman, I am NOT afraid of the big bad wolf. I bet this is just a game to you, trying to get to me...

And so here is a big ol' FUCK YOU from me to you...


Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Apologies for my lack of postage...

As some of you may or may not know, I am nearly as sick as that parrot from Monty Python. Turns out that my cough became a full blown bacterial infection on my tonsils. My muscles feel weak, my eyes keep wanting to close and sleep a little but I know I need to stay up so I can take another dose of those goddamn antibiotics! Two pills four times a day on an empty stomach... Not fun!

So yes, that sudden complaint over, I just realised that I have ACTUAL REAL LIFE FOLLOWERS! It's odd, I'm extremely not used to people reading what I write, especially this boring little blog about my boring little life. And so, my friendly watchers, here is a song that I thought seemed a little bit more appropriate considering the previous content. It reminds me of Joel a little bit.

I've gotta take some pills. Hope to talk more another time when this infection has died down a little.

~ Lucas

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Well Date #2, here I come!

My cough still hasn't gone away, (It's been a week or so since I started coughing.) but considering that I don't have any other symptoms, I've been generally going on as business as usual. Really though, it's simply because I'm well enough to work, but not well enough to think straight. School seems to be the main reason I'm suffering though, lots of moving around outside seems to make my cough terrible. That plus exam stress means that I am likely not getting rid of this one until after late June...

Well, either way, I wasn't going to let some cough get between my meeting up with Joel on friday, dinner and a movie, just like him to be so sweet... Though a curious thing happened... The both of us went to the supermarket, got some food, and as we were walking back it was dark. I was coughing my way down the road, as usual, when Joel took my hand suddenly and led me down a side road... "Don't panic." He said, his face had grown pale, and the tightness of how he squeezed my hand had me clearly in the knowledge he was scared of something.

I was curious as to what.

"Nothing you need to worry about hun."

"Nothing I need to- OF COURSE I need to worry about it, you were perfectly jokey and relaxed a second ago. Then you suddenly went all protective and doubled our overall walking distance... If you're being scared by someone, you need to talk about it!" Well, at least that was what I thought anyway... I didn't say it, it didn't seem like the right time to say...

If it's a prank, I'm gonna tell him to lay off, at least whilst my immune system is fucked. If it isn't and someone's really scaring him then I'll get involved, the area he lives isn't exactly known for being pro-gay. If someone found out about us, he could be in a bit of trouble...

Apart from that, I had a good friday 13th, and a very very good saturday 14th. ^_^;

I'm gonna get some sleep before I start coughing again.

Night all.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

News just in...

I am a tiny bit out of breath still, not sure what to think... Either way, my head is pounding right now, I can't stop coughing. I'm gonna get this typed up then I'm going to try and sleep it off. It's 11:00 PM over here right as I type this just so we're clear.

Well, I was walking home from Joel's house about twenty minutes before now, he'd invited a few friends over and we were making polite conversation and watching youtube videos on his bed, fraping him. He seemed a little more chirpy tonight, less scared, and so it was all pretty fun. Well, yes, walking home, yeah. I normally take a short cut, but it was darker than usual when I took it, like the walls were closing in on me, it never felt that way before...

Well, I've been doing a good job trying not to get freaked out by this whole thing. I still am certain Joel is somehow behind this. But, I guess circumstances got the better of me... I heard a scream. Something about the way it echoed off the walls in this alleyway, made me shiver.

I turned around sharply looking for the source, but saw nothing. Momentum carried me forward still, and I turned around. It was then that I felt the need to get out of that situation, so I ran, I fucking ran away from what was nothing...

Probably what creeped me out more was that I commented on this guy. The Executor or something equally threatening. And I asked why I should believe him...

Dammit Joel, stop fucking trying to scare me? I ran. Happy now? You made me feel afraid. You can stop trying to creep me out...

Night all.


Tuesday, 10 May 2011

I can do better than that!

Well, considering the lax nature of my prior posts and considering that the whole thing is becoming more of a personal blog than random musings on my slenderblog, I've decided to make this a personal blog instead of a slender-musing-blog-type-thing.

In other news, I got a phone call from Joel today. Now, who's Joel do you ask? Well Joel is the guy who I had a date with on Saturday. I was feeling ill, just the whole flu kind of thing, only feeling more weak and feeble than before. Not to mention the fact that Joel seemed nervous. Even on the phone he said he wanted to see me again. And then something about "Him." And then that he felt safe with me. It was odd, he struck me as a fighter really, the first time I saw him. He made me feel safe. Simply put, I'm glad I could help him return the favour, but he's probably pulling some practical joke or another.

Yes. I know. This entire thing is screaming "Slenderman!" Especially considering I found out that "" is the operator symbol... But I doubt that's the truth. Besides, the whole Slenderman crap has been happening in the US as far as I have seen, so even if it were real, I'd have a very big pond for him to cross.

Also, has anyone else heard of Candlejack? I discovered it on the interwe

Monday, 9 May 2011

That was... *ahem*

Well, the date was damn fun, even though the weather didn't hold out and we both ended up utterly soaked. We got milkshakes. We chatted a bit, but yeah, I had a great time... And well, he invited me over to his place and well... Yeah... We had a cuddle. Then we watched a movie. He was the perfect gentleman.

He had a cough though and I'm starting to get it, I guess he must have infected me. Also, does anyone know what this means?  "" I saw it on his arm, drawn in pen or something but forgot to ask... 

Buh byesssss!

Friday, 6 May 2011


I really do need to post here more often... And.. Well.. I've been ignoring the whole Slenderman thing, where I've almost finished planning my slenderblog. Maybe eventually I'll post the link here... Maybe not though... I dunno... I guess I've been distracted with exams... Perhaps I should make this a personal blog/vent about exams until I have finished them, and then maybe get back to getting into the very start.

Also Also ALSO! This guy I was talking about before... Well, he asked me on a date, and I kind of said yes and I didn't really know what to say and he hugged me and I felt all warm and fuzzy inside, but at the same time, he seemed a little awkward, like he wasn't in it. I dunno, it felt like he was looking over my shoulder. Meh, hopefully I'll give you a report in a few days time on the more personal front. (I.E. After coffee with cute-kinda-emo-kinda-gothy-kinda-quirky guy. Oh lawd, I hope he's not reading this...)

Buh byes!