Tuesday, 24 May 2011

I saw the strangest thing a moment ago.

This whole situation has had me looking over my shoulder a little more. Hoping I'd see nothing, but at the same time. I want to see something. I want to believe you Joel. But all I've had are dreams, dreams and... I'll discuss that in a moment. My dream has changed. The "Scene" where I presume the "Big Bad Wolf" was going to murder me in bed has gone. Now I just have the "Running through the forest and getting killed by this canine friend of ours."

But whilst I've been ill, I've been keeping myself busy. Getting some work done for my exams, I'm getting so extremely stressed right now simply because I really and I mean really want to go to University.

Well yeah, I took a break from working, went downstairs, got a drink and read for a little while. It was when upstairs that I found a note on my door. I'm not equipped for anything but it's pretty clear on the message.

Either way, I scrambled around the house, checked all the cupboards, all the wardrobes, under the beds, anywhere a person could possibly hide. I then discovered an open upstairs window.

The smaller words next to "high" say: "Proof enough?"

Well, at least it's spelled correctly and not written in crayon... And I also get the reference to M... So the writer is reading this blog likely.

All I know right now is that someone's messing with me, it's a prank. I'm sorry but it has to be. I mean, this whole idea that some freak of nature is going after kiddies and turning adults into proxies is just too far out to be true. It's too complicated and involves all of these other fallacies to be true...

Either way, whoever put that note there, good jump from that second floor window, it must have been impressive to watch if you didn't break your legs.



  1. Skepticism can be more helpful than most realize. I don't think this note is quite "proof enough," but I'm not so sure it's a prank, either. With the way Joel's been acting (and the comments he's put on other blogs) I'd say you need to keep on your toes.

    You need to find a balance between skepticism and denial. It's never good to ignore evidence - real evidence - out of fear.

  2. Wait, Joel's been posting on other blogs? I must see this...

    I know that I need to find a balance, but this is just stupid. I know it is. But at the same time. Something is keeping me on edge about this and I just need to understand why!

    I'm just tired of being toyed with, the note pasted on my door, or scrawled in my notebook. It's not funny... It's tiring.