Monday, 30 May 2011

Still alive.

Ok, first things first. Who am I?

I am Joel Sydney Harper. The only son of Lucy Harper (deceased) and some guy I don't know/care about. 

The luckiest fucker in the world.

Well, I would be if Lucas would speak to me. Or if he wasn't hurt. Or if I hadn't been such a coward before. Or a thousand other things that are going on right now...

Ok, starting from the start. 

I came to the park armed. I had a a small pocket knife resting in (LE GASP!) my pocket, along with a monkey wrench hanging from my belt that had a good weight to it so I assumed it'd down him if I hit him with it. 

Everything went as expected, Wolfie met me where I met Lucas that time. He then headed into the forested area. I followed him quickly as he led me through and toward a small warehouse. You know the kind that always happens to be the bad guy's hide out in films.  It was around that time where I slipped the wrench out of my belt and into my sleeve. 

Lucas was sat in a chair right in the centre, there was a lot of blood on the floor around him, his hands tied behind his back. I called out to him and he looked up and just looked back down again. It was then that the Big Bad Wolf pointed to another chair. Presumably telling me to sit down. 

It's a little fuzzy at this point. I think I dropped the wrench down and smacked him with the end of it. And I'm pretty sure he crumpled, but that's about it. I remember grabbing Lucas and seeing Slendy and running hand in hand with him as all the lights went out in the warehouse.

How it must have looked, two young men running hand in hand from a skinny, faceless, giant with too long arms and legs. I can imagine it would have looked so surreal. But we got into town, we were safe. I sat Lucas down in a Starbucks and got us both coffees, trying to let the adrenaline wear off. It was then that I noticed his finger... 

A large part of his left ring finger had been cut off at the joint. I asked to have a look, took his hand, but he wrenched it back. Cradling it against his chest and glaring at me. He hadn't said a single word to me. But then, I guess that's right... He'd seen his family killed and his friend desert him. Of course he blames me...

I can't imagine what he's going through...

I'm writing this on a bus down south, I'm going to head to where the most people are at. Maybe see if I can get out of the country with him. I want out of this nightmare and I want to take Lucas with me. I want to make him safe again.

The bus is coming to a stop, I'm gonna stop writing for now, Lucas seems to be waking up. He's been out pretty much since we caught the bus a few hours ago and keeps crying himself awake. I'm gonna tell him I'm keeping up with the blog, letting the few people who are out there and care about this, know that we're as safe as we can be for now. Either way, we've got a lot of miles to go and I pray to those non existant gods that we succeed in outrunning Him.

After that I'm gonna get some shuteye, I haven't slept in two days, apparently that's a bad thing to do.

Good night whoever is reading this.


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