Sunday, 29 May 2011

Meet up.

Almost as soon as I posted a comment suggesting a meet up, I got Lucas leaving a message on my answer phone. He sounded not too bad, scared, but still alive. He said that if I didn't turn myself in, meeting him at the same park as before, tonight, he would be killed.

That fucker! He had me pegged from the word "go." I've seen his profile, his blog, talking about us, what he's doing to Lucas. He wants me and doesn't care who he goes through... I can't go to the police, they'll be too busy asking questions about Lucas's family. It's not like they'll believe I'm being stalked by Tall Dark and Faceless.

So what am I supposed to do? I mean, this IS a trap. But my conscience says "go." Dammit Wolf. I hate you so much... Either way, I'm gonna keep armed from now on...

Edit: If I do do this, I am breaking every damn rule in the book. The park has trees, lots of trees. Yes it's near town, but I doubt it'll be in the open part of the park. Plus Wolf knows I'm going to be there and has time to prepare for me. The place is public though, that's one good point about it.


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