Sunday, 22 May 2011

Big Bad Wolf.

I'm improving, my throat is less painful today than it was yesterday. This medication that is making me feel like utter shit, making me puke every few hours or so, is actually helping my throat. Which is good!

I've been trying to work out who this "Big Bad Wolf" guy I keep seeing is. Each time I think about it, it gets more and more and more confusing. One part of me thinks. "LOLFURRIES!" and the other part of me thinks. "Holy shit, if this is the guy who made Joel run, then I should be scared."

But I'm not. That's the thing, I've not seen anything, not heard anything. All I have is the word of a guy who I met a month ago and a hundred or so blogs of people who may or may not exist and regardless of the fact I'm in a whirlwind of a relationship with him, that is not the best of evidence proving the existence of some tall skinny guy who has no face, or this creepy wolf from my nightmares. (Oh god long sentence!)

But at the same time, the Slenderman has captured something deep inside me, something primal, a fear inside me. I need to see in order to believe, and that terrifies me.

I just want to see you Joel. I miss you.


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