Monday, 9 May 2011

That was... *ahem*

Well, the date was damn fun, even though the weather didn't hold out and we both ended up utterly soaked. We got milkshakes. We chatted a bit, but yeah, I had a great time... And well, he invited me over to his place and well... Yeah... We had a cuddle. Then we watched a movie. He was the perfect gentleman.

He had a cough though and I'm starting to get it, I guess he must have infected me. Also, does anyone know what this means?  "" I saw it on his arm, drawn in pen or something but forgot to ask... 

Buh byesssss!


  1. The symbol for a bulb in a electric circuit? There, now are you enlightened? *groan*

    Perhaps it's a sun cross, if it was more like a + not a X, it's a neo-pagan thing.