Friday, 6 May 2011


I really do need to post here more often... And.. Well.. I've been ignoring the whole Slenderman thing, where I've almost finished planning my slenderblog. Maybe eventually I'll post the link here... Maybe not though... I dunno... I guess I've been distracted with exams... Perhaps I should make this a personal blog/vent about exams until I have finished them, and then maybe get back to getting into the very start.

Also Also ALSO! This guy I was talking about before... Well, he asked me on a date, and I kind of said yes and I didn't really know what to say and he hugged me and I felt all warm and fuzzy inside, but at the same time, he seemed a little awkward, like he wasn't in it. I dunno, it felt like he was looking over my shoulder. Meh, hopefully I'll give you a report in a few days time on the more personal front. (I.E. After coffee with cute-kinda-emo-kinda-gothy-kinda-quirky guy. Oh lawd, I hope he's not reading this...)

Buh byes!

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