Friday, 20 May 2011

Going to the Dr's again...

Yeah, my sleep schedule has been pretty fucked up recently, and the antibiotics haven't helped at all. If anything, I've gotten worse. I've been coughing up god knows what. Not to mention that Joel has gone missing, I rang him multiple times. Hell, I even went to his house. His housemates... Uh... Well they know me reasonably well now, but as far as they knew, he had gone to see his parents. Now the issue is that I've not met his parents and even if I did know, I don't really want to knock on their front door and go "Hi there! I'm Joel's fuckbuddy/boyfriend-type-thing!"

However, when I asked his housemates, told them I was worried about him, I discovered that they were worried about him too, he'd been acting differently, flinching at noises and locking himself in his room. But they haven't seen him for a couple of days. Summary: It seems his coded comment (Thanks Aimee.) was his "I'm running away." note...

In other news, the dreams haven't stopped, but I'm kind of getting desensitised by them. It still feels painfully real, but at the same time, it's just a dream, I'm not getting as shaken up about it as I was before. There was a difference last night, I wasn't caught by the Big Bad Wolf in the forest, I was caught by Slendy. I can't explain it, it was like my soul was "drained." I still saw myself in my eyes, but I wasn't me any more, I was, I dunno, maybe a revenant or hallowed, the kind of thing you get in these blogs. One of Slenderman's servants.

And, if, hypothetically, there is a tall, dark, faceless thing out there. Judging by the blogs I have read, I will probably have little choice in the matter. I am not the kind of person who runs. And if you don't run then you end up broken.

Also I worked out the whole non caps thing. It was put in after it had been translated. As far as I can tell, the characters are:  "Love yew" Is that it? Is that your goodbye?

Joel, because I know you're reading this. I am giving you a choice and it is a simple one. GET IN CONTACT WITH ME! or FUCKING GET IN CONTACT WITH ME!

EDIT: Wait... Does this make me a clingy/jealous boyfriend? I dunno. Sorry Joel if I am... I'll give you some space...

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