Monday, 23 May 2011

Today has been a good day.

I finally had a good night's sleep last night. No nightmares, no coughing, no nothing! So that's an improvement. I'm hurting less too, less weak than before. So it looks like I'm over the steepest part of this hill. The medication I'm getting is still making me queasy, and when I finally got up I started having a coughing fit but yeah. I'm almost  better.

Also, ALSO! I finally got a hold of Joel. I have been calling him at 1 PM every day and finally he had his phone on. I didn't record the call, but I shall remember to do that next time. The general gist of it though was this:

J: Lucas, How've you b-
L: Where are you Joel?
J: I can't say on here, I don't trust phones.
L: Ok. Are you close?
J: Yup, how are you feeling?
L: Better than I was yesterday. I-I'm sorry about that by the way.
J: It's fine, I-we wouldn't have even been involved if I hadn't stumbled across-
L: Across what?
J: -Silence-
L: Across what?
J: Damn I miss you.

He then hung up on me. I rang him again but the phone was turned off. I left a message to the tune of; "When I see you again, then I will need to know everything about this thing you're so scared of." Either way, it was ten seconds that I wanted. I'd have loved to chat for longer but yeah, he believes he's on the run.

Joel, because you didn't let me reply: I miss you more. Come back in one piece..


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