Thursday, 30 June 2011

We stayed too long.

Elaine is hurt, Wolf hurt her.

I don't know what to say... All I know is that we got the fucker. He was being taken away by police last time I knew... The past half an hour has been crazy.

It was just after lunch, Lucas was helping Cam wash up and I was talking to Elaine. As soon as the door opened Wolf was there. Elaine was heading out to do god knows what she does for an hour at the same time. He was there. He pushed her back from the door and she fell.

I didn't see what she hit, but she hit it with a crack. Lucas came through a moment after. Wolf had a knife, a flick knife perhaps? I wasn't really looking at it. I just charged forward in an effort to get it out of his hand. We ended up on the floor rolling around and then he sliced my back before Lucas could pin his hand and get it away.

I heard Cam talking on the phone, presumably to the police. Wolf was pretty much silent once he'd lost his mask, the snarling just faded. He looked maybe of Spanish or Mexican descent, I didn't recognise him.

I tossed it away, got Lucas to pass me some rope, (It's a useful thing to keep in a bag.) and he helped me tie him up until the police arrived. Told Lucas to guard him. (In hindsight I'd have given Cam the knife.)

Then Elaine became the priority, whilst I was looking after her, making sure nothing changed. I spotted Lucas pacing back and forth, like he was debating something. He moved toward the male and sliced the knife along his cheek.

Cam ran to him and took the knife off of him. Lucas started swearing at him, at us. He wanted blood, revenge. And I honestly don't know if I'd have let him or not. But the police were on their way. If they walked in on a corpse we'd all be in the shit.

Cutting the rest of it short, the police came, interviewed us and took Wolf away, along with the knife and the mask. We're now in the hospital. There was a lot of blood.

I've never seen Wolf without a mask ever, even when I interrupted him on one of his hunts. But what stays with me is that he was completely silent, all the time when his mask was off. Even when he cut on the fucker...

Elaine should be okay, but I'm feeling really guilty. We could have run earlier and then Wolf would have left them alone. Fucking angry right now.


Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Young dogs. New tricks.

I just realised what I miss about England. A good strong cup of tea. I woke up today and realised that it had been weeks since I'd tasted a cup of brown joy.

So we've been working hard, Elaine's been teaching both of us the things that she learned from other blogs and her own research. It's been difficult really since we've both been reasonably alright since arriving here and so haven't really got any way of practising the techniques. It's difficult to explain really. A lot about distinguishing between what's happening and what's inside your head because the G-Man decided to pay you a visit. I'll let her properly post about it. It's her work after all. I'll probably edit this post to link it later.

EDIT: Here you go.

The amusing thing about learning here is that Cam enforces breaks upon us, a random TV show here, Mario Karts there. He's not really flipping out much at all. He's still scared, all of us are, but I think with more of us here, he feels safer. Camaraderie I guess. As for Elaine, she's been pleasant enough, she has a pretty short fuse though. A pretty good thing for this, getting angry is better than getting depressed like Joel and I. One interesting thing I've noticed is that every day at 2PM she vanishes off somewhere and comes back an hour later. I asked Cam about it, he doesn't know really and I'm reluctant to press the subject with her. It's probably none of my business.

Needless to say, Team Labrat is training and will be ready to go soon enough.

Now to move onto the more perplexing and incredibly sad. Melissa has been having major problems and Dollmaker tried to kill Mystery. One thing that shocked me, and really, truly hurt was Jessica. If I were to encounter Dollmaker and Melissa had essentially been killed, right now this second, I don't know what I'd do. I'd want blood...

So yes, there are a lot of things on my mind right at this moment.

Keep safe, seriously.


Friday, 24 June 2011

United States of Whatever

Well I can't remember what time we got on a plane to the US, Texas to be more precise. It was early though. The plane was a great big thing with engines the size of people, sort of what I was expecting. But considering I've never flown before, I couldn't be sure.. Lucas seemed to know what he was doing, we got through security, sat down, had the air hosts and hostesses doing their little safety dance briefing.

And then we flew.

I felt like a child really, seeing the tops of clouds below me like it was as solid as the earth far far below. I just kind of wanted to climb out of the plane and run along them. But after an hour that excitement sort of stopped and I let myself actually sleep.

We slept most of the way, so we're not even all that jet lagged. Or maybe we're the opposite of jet lagged. I don't know yet. But today has been damn fun so far either way. Elaine and Cam are good people, we get along far too well for our own good, I'm pretty sure Lab Rats like us are supposed to be pretty impersonal with the one giving the tests in case the experiments go wrong, but really, I like them, it makes me sad we can't stay for too long.

Their apartment was the kind of thing you get with fourth floor attic rooms. It's high up, a good thing against Slendy, and lined with books. I'm tempted to have a bit of a browse, might ask Elaine later. We spent the rest of today being treated to a taste of American life, involving burgers and chips, (I'm sorry, I refuse to call them fries out of principal.) and probably the most delicious apple pie I've ever tasted.

Also Lucas, regardless of the fact we're together, when you and me are on Super Smash Brothers, you're gonna get Kirby Stomped!

Today is a good day. We're alive, actually meeting people who are experiencing a similar thing to us, and I can feel the positivity in the air like a happy static.

Keep safe you guys.


Thursday, 23 June 2011

Slept rough last night

and damn my neck hurts.

We're currently at an airport. Safe-ish I guess. Lucas has been pretty quiet, occasionally he'll curl into me, make sure I'm not going to leave him whilst he sleeps. I'd say he's gotten clingy if he wasn't next to me looking at what I'm typi AS I WAS SAYING, LUCAS ISN'T AT ALL CLINGY WHATSOEVER

He just hit me. :o

We're currently at Heathrow airport, we have enough money for tickets and we're going to stay here until we've worked out a plan.

We are probably going to take up Elaine's offer of a couch, just for a few days so we can get our bearings and head off again. But once we're there, I'm really not sure what we'd do, possibly try and help Melissa with her Dollmaker problem.

It feels strange being here. We're surrounded by thousands of people who are going somewhere and don't even know He exists. And over and over again screams the intercom. "DO NOT LEAVE YOUR BAGS UNATTENDED AT ANY TIME!"

I doubt I'm gonna be getting any sleep any time soon. Once we've heard back, just confirming details and such, we'll get tickets...

-~Joel and Lucas

EDIT: Oh and who is the follower: queenrider51? I generally have a good idea as to who is following me on here, and right now I don't know who you are when perhaps I should get to know you. ^_^

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Joel's awake.

Running now.

Everyone on the ward was torn apart when we walked out of the side room to leave.

I'd seen them ten minutes earlier alive and well.

Wolf was there.


Happier now.

I have Joel back.

~ Lucas

Tuesday, 21 June 2011


The Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, and I for one and glad of the light outside, I feel safer knowing that it's 9 PM and it's still bright outside. At least I think I do.

It is also my forty second post. Now I, being a fan of Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy know that 42 is a significant number. And by significant, I mean the answer to Life, The Universe and Everything. It is also Lewis Carroll's favourate number, which he snuck into Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass a good few times. (42 Illustrations. The Red Queen's and the White Queen's birthdays are thought to be equal to 42x42x42 days.)

7 sixes 6 sevens 7 8's no that's 56 not 42...

It's also considered unlucky in Japan, with "Four Two", "Shi Ni." sounding like the Japanese for "Unto Death." In the book of Revalations, The Beast, is meant to hold domination over the earth for 42 months.

Also, make sure when you encounter the The Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal, have your towel wrapped around your head. Because if you can't see it, it can't see you42.

In a completely non 424242424242 unrelated note42, I was listening 42 this and it made me smile.

Heh. Slenderman wants his 42 Dollahs back, 
he's at the door, 
whipping his hair back and forth.

What the fuck did I just write?

Sunday, 19 June 2011

I know I said I wouldn't post but...

It's not good news. I saw slenderman today, just a few minutes ago. I've not left Joel's bedside for a minute since he came in, the nurses were pretty nice to me, let me stay there. Like they saw I was asleep and one kind soul put a blanket around me. Well yeah. I looked up and saw him just outside the door, looking in, I didn't feel the fog. I haven't felt it in a while, it's disturbing me...

Joel still is out, he's responsive to pain, but not noise. Nothing has changed since he went in.

We're not safe here, but he could have killed us before and he didn't. I don't think it's our time. Not yet anyway, perhaps we've got another plot point to fulfil. Either way, as soon as Joel is awake and functional, we are running like fuck.

Whilst waiting for Joel to wake up, I've been listening to a lot of music.

I listened to this and it made me feel really empowered:

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good bye...

For now...

Until Joel wakes up...

He will wake up, won't he?

Saturday, 18 June 2011

The Hospital

Joel is in the hospital now, I'm at his bed side. They've hooked him up to an IV drip and that should keep him from dying from lack of nutrition. The police wanted to talk to me, as they do... But no creepy runner murdering police this time. They just wanted to know what happened. I told them someone attacked him, he defended me, I was too busy trying to control his bleeding to chase after him... After that, they left, because no CCTV means no crime ever happened in their eyes...

Once they let me see him, he was just still, his wounds had been treated, he looked like he was asleep... Well he was... Or rather, the doctor told me that he was in a coma. I don't know how long it'll take for him to wake up. Could be a day or so, could be years. I have money and my passport, but I can't leave him. Not like this...

And so I wait, I'm not going to leave his side. He's looked after me many times, it's now time for me to look after him.

I'm not going to post here until he wakes up. This isn't my blog. This is ours. It doesn't feel right continuing it without him...

I will, however reply to any emails you send if you wish to speak to me in private. is the one.

For those that are running, don't stop. For those who are fighting, fight through it. For those of you who aren't with us any more. We will remember you.

"Whenever you're in doubt or afraid, just focus on that time at the bus stop in the rain."
"I skipped home after that."
"Yeah. It was the perfect moment, an utterly empty street, rain pouring down, getting us both soaked and then that one moment..."
"We kissed."
"And all because I missed the last bus home." 
"Yeah, you could have stayed over."
"I had intruded on you enough that night, besides, there was no telling what would happen if my parents found out I'd slept with a man."
"To be fair, sleeping was all that was going to happen that night."
"But still I'd never be able to see you like that again..."
"You ready?"
"Never ready."
"I love you."
"I love you too."

That was our last conversation. Oh god... Joel...

I'm I'm sat here, having broken into someone's holiday home, with Joel on the bed... He's hurt, he's hurt bad. I'm not as good as him at treating wounds... He's got so many scars from this. I've done my best. He's currently either unconscious or in a coma, I can't wake him up and breathing just about. I'm trying to keep him drinking water, he does seem to swallow...


I saw Him above me and panicked! Joel rescued me but got attacked... I just held him, focusing on the bus stop and nothing happened. No pain from slendy... He was gone... I can't stop crying... Thetheplace was covered in Operator Symbols, we couldn't stay there so I carried him away...

I saw the bag there and I just slung it over my other shoulder... I have his wrench, the bat wasn't there, we have everything that was taken from us...

Going to lie next to him now and think about our first kiss. Elaine, we knew the risks when we agreed to do it, I just wish we'd been lucky like last time we saw him.


Thursday, 16 June 2011

Hagalaz, Thurisaz.

Well, we've spent days in here, seen nothing. And by nothing, I mean Nothing. 

As far as I can tell, there's a road outside, other houses, but we've seen no people outside, and no cars have even passed us, it's creepy. Time seems to compress whilst we're here. We've learned to not trust the phone's clock after, testing our suspicions. We checked the time on the clock, counted to sixty and checked it again. I'm pretty sure that 14:52 doesn't change to 05:2P in the space of a minute. So we both decided that it is likely a hallucination. A combined dream. I guess something a little like you see in that film, Inception... 

So if the advice I got from Shadiey Grey if he even exists, thankyou for it: We tried it, and it seemed to work. 

Har-ghawl-arz, Thoor-ee-sawz. 

I said it and it was like a flicker. Like the same room was there, but it was darker, danker, and covered in operator symbols. It was like, you saw it, blinked and it was gone again.

Lucas joined in:

Har-ghawl-arz, Thoor-ee-sawz.

It went more, was longer this time.

We kept on saying it over and over and over again and suddenly we were curled up in bed, we woke up. The cottage was literally the same as it was, only it was utterly abandoned. Lucas was whimpering. I looked up and saw Him, just staring at Lucas, like, I know he has no eyes, but he was staring...

"J-J-J-Joel... Run..." I gently pulled him away from the SlenderFuck. He looked up at me and I don't think I can tell you how I felt... Like my head was on fire, like my brain wanted to melt through my eyes. I couldn't think... And then I woke up again, back in the cottage, this happy little dream... 

We're going to keep trying to escape, but unless we can get past Him... We're trapped... 

I've only just come to believe in magic, I mean, I assumed that Slendy was an alien for a while, but now... This is beyond advanced technology, this is magic... And I fucking hate it already. The spell helped but I don't like things that can't be explained...

Sorry, Lucas is screaming about fog again... I'll update at another time... If this is all real and it's updating in the real world then yeah... 

Help us? Anyone? Please?


Tuesday, 14 June 2011

don't know where we are


We we we we we got to the office block. Walked inside, got to the floor and looked around, we split up. BIG MISTKE! I walked into a room and suddenly there were two men in suits, I felt a barrel against my neck and  they took Batamon away. I looked inside and there were two chairs, like, cheap plastic ones. I let them search me and tha-that was when Joel came in.

DDDDificult throughf og, sorry. focccuscantfocus

It was the policccpolice that I saw... Iiinterviewers. Theonesiwasquestionedonandblurteditouton.

They weregonna... Theyhadnooses. He said "YYOU said that the best way of preventing it is making sure you keep your mouth shut."

I-Itriedtorun pppushed at oneofthem theyhithestairsand


theotherone aaaalready had joel onn a chair ttttying the nooseroundhis head. Icouldn't stop it... Ohgodohgodimsosorry. Icouldn't riskit... Iididn't want to live without hiim. Theotheronecame up again and made me stand on the chairtoo, ituggedhis mask off, then mine... Hewascrying iwascrying, he said "I love you." I said "I" and couldn't finish it... I dropped and then FOGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG I couldn't see. Static in my ears. Ititit


Sorry. I just woke up, I don't remember writing that, but Joel claims not to so yeah. I'll just continue:

I heard screams, their screams, snapping of bones. I didn't dare look. My one regret was that I couldn't- That I- but I couldn't breathe... I felt hands on me and fell into them. The fog was too much, i felt like I was dreaming that entire last bit. And then I woke up here...

As far as I can tell, we're in a cottage. Somewhere in the countryside. My shoulder is healed and my neck should be bruised but it isn't. I don't know how long I've been out for, but the phone says a week. Joel woke up a little earlier. He told me to tell you guys he tried going out the front door but just walked in again at the exact same time...

I don't know, I mean, this screams Slendy, but he saved us, and that's what confuses me about this entire thing... Why the fuck did Slendy take us both here?

Either way, keep running guys, hopefully we'll find a way to escape..


Monday, 13 June 2011


Ok ok. Tonight. We're meeting. Ten minutes or so from now. Joel has been pretty quiet recently, getting himself together and we're walking there and typing this message. The location is an abandoned office block, still not going to give the city, it's too risky. I don't want to risk leading the Wolf there. We checked it out during daylight but it's dark now. Thus making anything we saw then, ten times creepier...

Also, we've set a post, a little message from each of us should we not make it or have the time to reset the post timer. If we don't, it probably means we're either, dead. (The best possibility as far as I can tell.) Kidnapped. Hallowed or god knows what...

Of course, this implies that we're gonna die!!!!11!!!11!!!! We've walked into dangerous situations before and come out breathing. I feel good about this... Even though I do, I still have my new best friend. It's a cricket bat. Joel let me draw a smiley face on it. It's called Batamon. I don't want to use Batamon, but if I have to, then I have to. 

I wonder, if I hit Slendy in the face with it, whilst the ink was still wet, would the imprint be enough to give him a face so everyone likes him?

Everyone needs a little bit of sillyness, even if they're running, especially when they're running. It distracts me from the pain in my shoulder and my finger.


Saturday, 11 June 2011

So many questions.

Sorry again, we've been busy recently. Pretty much as soon as we got to bed that time, we had people hammering on our door. They said they were police, but Lucas was clutching his head again, muttering about the fog. I was panicking about what would happen if they got their way in, I took the wrench, pushed things to the door to keep whatever was trying to get in, out.

Then we heard gunshots.

Just a "pop pop pop." It seemed too quiet for gunshot, maybe it was silenced and then the hammering stopped. I heard something fall from outside, or at least hit the floor. I looked at Lucas, he was crying, scratching at his shoulder like it was killing him.

I ran to him, getting his hand from the wound and examined it. It didn't look infected but he was complaining that it hurt. I gave him some ibuprofen we had in the kit and he went to sleep whilst I kept watch. Note to self: I need to restock that thing. We're getting through it pretty quickly...

The next morning, everything had been pulled away from the door. I don't know how, I don't remember sleeping, but we're both here and nothing seems to have been taken. I looked out the door, looking at the carpet mostly, there was a little blood on there and on the door handle outside.

That and we found a note, it was handwritten on a blank piece of paper, and gave a time, (Not telling for our own safety,) date, (two days from now.) and GPS coordinates. (See: "time") There is always a possibility this could be a part of the PTC or something like that, but at the same time I keep thinking about the guys who interviewed us. I wonder if they had us followed and when they saw we were in trouble, they intervened...

We're getting out of here, it's clear that although Slendy has been absent over here, He still can get us if He wants. He has proxies for that reason I bet...

Me and Lucas discussed what our next move is and we decided that we're getting better armed. A single wrench can't save us forever. (Much to my disappointment. D= ) We're getting Lucas a weapon of some description, probably a cricket bat, and we're going to get masks, maybe they have something about them that could help us.

After that we're gonna show up at the location. After that we're gonna take things as they come. If no one shows or it's a trap, we're getting out of the UK.

Also, we prettified the blog, figured that blue was getting a little boring.

Best of luck to you all.

Don't stop running.


Thursday, 9 June 2011

This belonged to my Dad.

I picked it up when we went home the second time, it seemed appropriate to post it right now. The words say "Saint Christopher Protect Us." Sorry for the shadow, the flash just made the entire thing shine like it was a Christmas tree.

Joel, after my family died... He did the right thing and called the police about it from a payphone nearby. Saying that he'd found my family dead and hung up. Well, they are still dead, but as far as what happened to them... Carbon Monoxide...

Either way, I just spent the rest of the afternoon in a police station, answering this Detective Inspector Stroud's questions along with Joel. We'd planned before, gotten something in place.

The thing is, he was asking questions I would expect from a murder investigation... Like, he was seriously grilling me about it...

"Where was I when they died?" I was at Joel's house. (Meeting Joel in the park.)

"What was I doing?" I can't remember, sex most likely. (Talking about how I needed to head home again...)

"What about after?" I was going to introduce him to my parents, still hadn't come out to them and wanted his support. (I went home to pick up a few things and get taken by a freak with a knife.)

"Why did you run?" I couldn't stay there, I saw everyone dead and I just ran. (I spent a week getting beaten, bruised, broken.)

"How did you hurt your finger?" I don't remember, the week after that is just a blur, we just travelled. Anywhere there was a bus. Joel looked after me when it happened though. I... I dislike hosptials. (That was a half truth: I remember too well what happened, but there are times the fog just made me completely out of it, like blurs in my memories.)

Then he stopped the tape, looked at me straight in the eye and said: "This is the third one in two years. Far more have happened in America. I can't tell you who I work for, but we are on the same side... Tell me what happened, exactly."
So you're not a DI?
 I can't tell you anything... That's how it works... If I tell you, or help you discover him. You and yours are at risk...

He smacked the desk. "They ALL fucking say that! I don't care if it's some ghost of christmas past come back to murder people. What is done to them is beyond the capabilities of a normal human." At this point I had pushed the chair back away from him, scared, whilst he stood and rounded on me. "So you had better tell me. I am not in the mood for games."
You know it's supernatural?
"Yes I know it's supernatural."
Then you should know that you are out of your depth. All I know is that I stumbled across this picture and I met Joel, and almost everything since then has been terrible. I don't know anything much... I lost my finger to one of His minions and I am far more terrified of staying trapped and unable to run from him than I am of you. The best way of preventing it is for me to keep my mouth firmly shut.

That seemed to sate him and I was released from their custody. I compared notes with Joel, he had a similar experience with another "Detective Inspector..."

But who are these people? MI 5? MI 6? What about MI 1? I don't know, and I don't think I want to know. If they are here then it's a good thing. But at the same time... If they're flummoxed by this, I can't say we're going to fare better.

So yes, today was both an incredibly good day, and an incredibly confusing/annoying one. But perhaps We're not the only British runners, or maybe they are all dead. I just don't fucking know. Either way, I'm determined to go to the beach again tomorrow, make a proper day of it without getting dragged into all of this shit. I want us to have fun, enjoy ourselves.

The fog in my brain has cleared, I'm going to get some sleep.

~ Lucas

The beach!

Shit... I feel infected, dirty, disgusting, corrupt, any other adjective that escapes me and means something similar. But I'm at the beach, we spent today there. Swimming, (the salt is a little painful on my shoulder but it's nice to feel water again,) laughing or just holding hands listening to the wax and wane of the sea. I don't care it was cold, but there is something about being here, (possibly the sea air,) that makes me feel wonderful. I'm happy for the first time in a good long time, and no amount of fog can stop me! (Definitely the sea air.)

The sea always excites my curiosity, sure we can think of the massiveness of the sun or the universe. But why do we look up, when we don't even know what is at the bottom of the ocean? It's only been extremely recently, that engineering has allowed us to make subs which can withstand the extreme pressures involved. It was what I wanted to explore when I was youngest.

Of course that was a stupid idea, I would never be allowed to go down there myself, but the sea gave me an idea. I want to understand why.

Why does Slenderman Kill some, Hallow others, and Proxify the rest? Why are we the poor sods who have to keep running? And why do I keep having this fog since being kidnapped?

I know I'm most likely losing my sanity, I need to get myself together again. I am me. I refuse to be anyone else. I keep saying my name, over and over again in my head, maybe help become a bit more of an early warning system. A way of getting out of there before it gets too bad. Like it did that night...

I don't remember waking Joel up, or typing any of it. JOEL HAS ICECREAM!

God I'm such a kid sometimes. =3


Tuesday, 7 June 2011


I cant stop LAUGHING it's MAD!


JOEL IS asleep so I should be quiet...

Hehe. WE're dead... I SaW HIM! He's at TheDoor windo DOOR WINDOW DOOR... He'smiling...


it's foggy. I CAn't see mysELF fthink! My braiN hurts

the BAG had my passport, DOLLARZ! not MUTCH but enough for Uss.

Wait... Smieling? Zlendy doesn't smile! But I have fog... But not slendy... I should wake up Joel... I feel fuzzy...



Not a proxy, I'm not... FuckslendermanFuckslendermanFuckslendermanFuckslendermanFuckslendermanFuckslendermanFuckslendermanFuckslenderman...


I looked on my phone and that was what was there. Lucas woke me up this morning, he'd torn his shoulder stitches and was in a state, I had to stitch him again and then we had to get out of there. I'm worried about him. Like, seriously worried. We went back to his house, collected some personal items, stuff to remember his family by. He seems different, jumping from terrified to jaded to determined for survival to this hopeless romantic. He keeps talking about fog though, how he "feels it" when he sees Tall, Dark and Faceless.

Melissa (I_L), apologies for not responding to your email. We've been getting out of here. Basically every time we settle down, Wolf is there like a fucking bloodhound. Looks like we have three pissed proxies after us, and they are damn close, too close all the time... We can't stop for longer than a few hours.

I'm currently, as for most of my posts, on a bus to nowhere in particular. I think we're headed to the sea. Maybe that will help Lucas get himself back. I'll do a proper post later...

In the meantime, keep safe guys.

- Joel

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Well, we're both alive...

Huzzah! A blog written by both of us!

Joel: Ok, to get out of the country, there are three things we require:
  1. Us being alive. 
  2. Money. 
  3. Passports. 
So far we had one of them, we were alive. But when Wolf caught Lucas, he had gotten a hold of his passport, keeping it in one of those small hidden safes in the warehouse. The key pad was touch tone, and he could remember the tune it made. So a half-arsed and downright dangerous plan was formed. If he kept a passport in there, perhaps there were other more interesting things we could take, like money.

We were gonna head back to the warehouse and steal from the slender man. 

So we did it last night.

We got in, it was quiet enough. It was dark but I couldn't hear anyone around, and the echos in the warehouse would have amplified anything. I turned on a torch and we headed to a desk off to the side. I didn't notice it there when I got to him earlier but yeah. It was there. Lucas went behind the desk and tapped on the safe's buttons.

I kept a light shone around the general area, wrench at the ready. I didn't like this situation, we were too vulnerable and if Slendy showed at the door, we'd have little in the way of a way out... Well it wasn't Him who showed at the door. Three of them, two wearing black hoodies and the kind of white masks you get at craft stores. The other was The Big Bad Wolf, brown hoodie, wolf mask, and his growling was echoing from every wall. Lucas swore, he couldn't get the safe open and was frantically trying different combinations as I muttered. "Get your knife out. We have company..." 

The two of them ran at me, I swung at one, they caught my wrist and punched my solarplexus in the blink of an eye, I was winded as I dropped the wrench, kneeing the figure in front of me in the gut. I think she was female, I heard her groan as I reached down to take the wrench again. I heard Lucas shout, "It's open!" As the other clambered over the desk, trying to get him. I was too distracted by the girl to get there in time

Lucas: I noticed the guy coming over, he had a great big carving knife and I swung up with my own puny little pocket knife. It caught him in the arm and stuck. He pulled away and it was wrenched out of my hand. I'd gotten maybe half of what was in there into this bag, he stabbed down at me and cut me where neck meets shoulder, I couldn't think. I was on the floor and weaponless, I reached in the safe, looking for something that could be of use. I pulled out a pistol... A glock or something. I'm not great with guns... It looked dangerous though... I swung round, pointing it at him, all the while probably bleeding gallons from my neck wound. "Get back." 

That seemed to work. I stood up and fell into a chair, gun pointed straight at him. He had a knife still, but was backing off. I pulled the bag onto my shoulder and stood up, right now I didn't care about whatever else was in there. "Let's get going..."

Joel: The sight of your Christian boyfriend looking pissed, bleeding and with a gun, is the most badass thing I've seen him do. It's no surprise that both of them backed off. Lucas was wounded... His t-shirt was bloodstained already. Lucas went around the desk, still pointing the gun at them, getting to me and making sure I was ok. I hadn't seen this side to him before. So determined. I've never been so proud of him. 

Then Wolfie pulled his own gun. 
Lucas pulled the trigger. 
"Shit run!"

And that we did. I broke the lock on this small door on the other side whilst the three of them chased after us, and then got out of there. We figured we were safe in the city again, so kept near people as best as we could. 

We dumped the gun in a local pond. UK law doesn't look kindly on someone carrying a firearm, so we got rid of it. It's better than being arrested.

So now, I'm pretty sure I've broken a couple of ribs, Lucas fared worse. I've done as best as I can, I stitched his knife wound, it was pretty shallow but damn close to an artery. I had to be careful and he will have to be careful for a while. No heavy lifting. 

We also paid a stop to somewhere else, but this post is already scarily long. We'll post everything another day. We both need some sleep...

Night all. 

- ~ Joel and Lucas

Also: If any of you runners, fighters, proxies, or followers fancy talking to us, we can be contacted at: 

Saturday, 4 June 2011


I think I'm ready to talk about it now, my side of the story... Joel is catching up on sleep on the coach. We take turns, a couple of hours at a time.  It's still a bit of a blur, memories do that kind of thing I guess.

I told Joel to wait outside the house. I wasn't out to them, so going in and saying. "Hi this is my boyfriend." Was probably not a good idea... I walked inside and there was blood, and the smell, like they had been dead for days when I'd only left them a couple of hours before.

I knew deep down that the Slenderfuck had gotten them, but I didn't quite believe it. Like, I could imagine my mum in the kitchen, cooking two tuna steaks. It was one of the first times I ate fish, I was about five and had to go to hospital because I got a bone lodged in my throat. Or my brother, how we shared a room for so long because the other one was full of


I can't think about it still without getting all torn up about it...

The thing is, this is really the first time I've been so close to death and what happened to them... I never had any pets, my family were really the only people I got to know. I'm not exactly good at making friends. My family was everything and Slenderman took it away.

Well... They were there, as Joel said. I saw them, didn't even have a chance to cry out. Wolf had me.I could feel this rubbery mask against me and the knife against my neck, it cut but not deeply. Self preservation and pain kept me from struggling.

Then we went outside, Joel having found us. It's been said before so I won't tell you what happened...
Only I didn't see the Slenderman behind Joel like he said he saw, I just saw him run away as I screamed for him to save me.

I can't remember much else, I remember waking up in a warehouse, spending a week in there, (There was a clock by the door. It was the only way I could keep myself busy.) dreading each time the Wolf came in because he was angry and spent a few hours with his knife with me...  Wolf is not the kind of Proxy you can shoot the breeze with. All I know is that he's strong, fucking intelligent, but he relies on basic instincts and his love for his Slendy.

I got out of the warehouse once, a couple of days in or so. I got to the forest, took a step inside and suddenly I was back in the chair, wolf pulling the mask up enough to reveal his mouth and getting a grip on my finger... Then screaming pain... I didn't try and run again... I saw Slenderfuck a couple of times too, he just stood there in front of me, I occasionally felt him touch me, but he never hurt me like Wolf did...

I'm aware that only a day or so passed outside. So I guess this counts as gained time instead of lost time...

But that's my part of the story... After Slendy touched me, I've been getting this fog, like all of my senses are dulled and I can't focus. It feels periodic, just a gentle throb of numbness, overwhelming me. I've heard that other runners get that feeling, a sort of static or fog inside their heads. But at the same time... My family were murdered because of me and I guess dreaming your way through life is an effective coping mechanism...

Joel is the only person I have left, he deserves more than what I am currently. But if this little mission of ours works and we both don't end up dead, tortured, or worse. We can get somewhere we can help.

Stay safe everyone, we certainly aren't. =D


Friday, 3 June 2011

Our first argument.

Lucas and I argued a couple of hours ago about that last post.

I was angry, at him. At the Slenderman. At this whole situation. He needed to snap out of it. It's like he's given up on reality, he just wants to stop everything. I practically wanted to slap him and scream. "FUCKING PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER!"

But I didn't, see below.

Me: So. You're giving up?

Lucas: Yup. I'm gonna get a bus back home as soon as I can.

Me: No you're not.

Lucas: Why?

Me: Fucks sake Lucas, do you honestly think this guy is Death Incarnate?

Lucas: Actually, yes. Look at my family. Look at everything that happened. I have nothing left, I can't run anymore. Not on my own.

That was a bit of a slight to me really. I've kept him safe as much as I can, I've tried to keep him out of it. I'm not a hero, but I got him out of Wolf's grasp... I treated his finger, I got him on a bus over here.

Me: You have me.

Lucas: And what happened last time I trusted you? He held his hand up, gesturing to the bandaged finger. That is the best thing that happened to me that day. The Wolf, he-

He broke down. I sat him down on a bed and gently reached around him, pulling him to me as he cried against my chest. I just ended up whispering "never again" to him. Over and over, trying to soothe him.

We stayed like that for about an hour when he sniffled and looked up at me. I can't tell you what he said, but to put it simply, he convinced me and we are going to do something really really stupid, armed with a wrench, a knife, our relentless optimism and Mr Happy-No-Face nipping at our heels.

Yay for ridiculous ideas!



You know, if I wasn't so hurt right now, I'd have found it a little funny. I started this blog to discuss ideas for my Slenderblog, and now


Now I've lost everything. I'm the "poor guy who's gonna have his life turned upside down" I've lost my life already, death just hasn't caught up with me. I kind of always imagined Slenderman as this spectral faceless figure. A modern day Grim Reaper.

And he's coming for me. I can't stay in London forever, I saw Him above my bed, watching. He has no eyes but he FUCKING WATCHES!

I did nothing... I didn't shout, I didn't cry, I just went back to sleep.

And then I woke up, it was morning.

Joel took one glance at me and noticed that I have marks on my arms. I looked it's true. Long red fingermarks... Occasionally tinged with black where it bruised. Like someone had been holding me down, holding me still.

There are three stereotypes that people tend to follow when they see Him. The Fighters, The Runners and those who just give up. Joel is a Runner and... And I'm not cut out for it... I always imagined my life as one where I'd settle down. Fall in love with some girl and have a family. A small house, just big enough for us. A garden. I'd have a job where I don't have to work that hard, maybe at a pharmaceutical company, making chemicals for testing against diseases. I'd be quietly in the background, helping others in my own way.

Have any of you heard the phrase; "An Englishman's home is his castle?" Well that is what I am planning on doing. I'm going to go home. Sit down with that great big carving knife my parents always told me never to use when I was younger and wait. Who for, I dunno. But I expect someone will be there.

If it's a proxy then I will defend myself. I'm not going to feel the pain I felt before... Never again. If it is him. Then I'll take his hand into the next life. I can't fight him. People have tried. They tend to die. I can't run from him, I'm not cut out for it. So my only option is to give up.

Slenderman: A message to you. If you are this grim reaper I keep dreaming of, just take me away. Don't play with me, just finish it.

I'm tired.


Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Down south.

We're in London, and for the first time I feel safe. We're keeping pretty central, staying in a Hostel until we work out where the hell we're gonna go next. The best part of this is lots of people, it's never still here since where I'm located is pretty much a damn tourist attraction. This means, should he arrive here, there are witnesses. Apparently being in a crowd is a good way of being safe from Him. I can't remember what blog said that but yeah, I trust it enough to be able to sleep at night.

Although the Big Bad Wolf... I'm nervous still about him. I probably knocked him out, but I doubt one hit would have killed him. Either way, I sleep with easy access to that monkey wrench... Lucas still isn't talking to me, but he read the comments in his last post, he's being less malicious, in fact he actually let me clean and bandage his finger today. Which is good because I was worried of it getting infected. He's not been sleeping too well, but then nor have I. It's been difficult to focus. I've been getting nightmares of what happened when I left him.

To be honest, I don't think he's willing to talk and I don't think I'm ready to talk about it with him either.

Stay safe, all of you.