Thursday, 16 June 2011

Hagalaz, Thurisaz.

Well, we've spent days in here, seen nothing. And by nothing, I mean Nothing. 

As far as I can tell, there's a road outside, other houses, but we've seen no people outside, and no cars have even passed us, it's creepy. Time seems to compress whilst we're here. We've learned to not trust the phone's clock after, testing our suspicions. We checked the time on the clock, counted to sixty and checked it again. I'm pretty sure that 14:52 doesn't change to 05:2P in the space of a minute. So we both decided that it is likely a hallucination. A combined dream. I guess something a little like you see in that film, Inception... 

So if the advice I got from Shadiey Grey if he even exists, thankyou for it: We tried it, and it seemed to work. 

Har-ghawl-arz, Thoor-ee-sawz. 

I said it and it was like a flicker. Like the same room was there, but it was darker, danker, and covered in operator symbols. It was like, you saw it, blinked and it was gone again.

Lucas joined in:

Har-ghawl-arz, Thoor-ee-sawz.

It went more, was longer this time.

We kept on saying it over and over and over again and suddenly we were curled up in bed, we woke up. The cottage was literally the same as it was, only it was utterly abandoned. Lucas was whimpering. I looked up and saw Him, just staring at Lucas, like, I know he has no eyes, but he was staring...

"J-J-J-Joel... Run..." I gently pulled him away from the SlenderFuck. He looked up at me and I don't think I can tell you how I felt... Like my head was on fire, like my brain wanted to melt through my eyes. I couldn't think... And then I woke up again, back in the cottage, this happy little dream... 

We're going to keep trying to escape, but unless we can get past Him... We're trapped... 

I've only just come to believe in magic, I mean, I assumed that Slendy was an alien for a while, but now... This is beyond advanced technology, this is magic... And I fucking hate it already. The spell helped but I don't like things that can't be explained...

Sorry, Lucas is screaming about fog again... I'll update at another time... If this is all real and it's updating in the real world then yeah... 

Help us? Anyone? Please?



  1. Oh, guys... don't you dare bloody die on me, we just started talking.
    I'm emailing you, I have an idea and I don't want to put it up here for everyone to see, in hopes that The Unspoken Plan will once again save the day.
    Hold tight!

  2. The unspoken plan? How curious. I look forward to that one Miss Logan. Maybe we'll actually escape this time...


  3. OH THANK THE GODS! (or God, Allah, Goddess, who or what ever I carry no judgement)I'm so happy it worked and that you guys are safe even if your still stuck! I have to make a quick correction, it's actually not a spell but something else and I would explain but the proxies may be watching.

    Anyway I have another one that helped a friend of mine who is in a fairly similar predicament as you two.

    Algiz said as All-geez. Once again several meanings but the two you should focus on are protection and awakening. This one I suggest you somehow draw on your selves (see below)

    After you do then try to escape using the Hagalaz Thurisaz. I hope this one helps you too!

    P.S. I know its rude at a time like this for me to be nit picky but I'm a guy just so you know, and yes I'm real.

  4. Gah! Apologies Shadie, I've been a little mixed up lately. *Totally doesn't whatsoever do a quick edit.*

    I've been thinking, we have two plans; One magic one that seems to wake us up, and Elaines: Unspoken Plan that seems right up our alley, there's anecdotal evidence for it working, but it can be hit and miss. We shall test this and provide more anecdotal evidence of it working!

    So! We're going to use both. :D

    There's no point in waiting really, we're gonna do it very soon.

    Wish us luck.

    And if we don't... Well... Make it. It was a pleasure to be in contact with the both of you. Our dead man switch post will likely trigger and that will have the rest of them.


  5. Oh, god. Boys, be careful. I told you that already, but be careful.

  6. No no don't apologies, i understand.

    I agree with Elaine, be careful! You dont have to use mine it was just a suggestion, since the other one has evidence of success then use that for sure. If you wouldnt mind could i have a copy of this Unspoken plan or be told where to find it, I understand if you wanna keep it secret though so u dont have to. GOOD LUCK!!!!

  7. Shady, I really prefer to discuss it with as few people as possible, hence the 'unspoken' part of the phrase. Email me, and we'll talk. I think the boys are a bit busy now.