Thursday, 9 June 2011

The beach!

Shit... I feel infected, dirty, disgusting, corrupt, any other adjective that escapes me and means something similar. But I'm at the beach, we spent today there. Swimming, (the salt is a little painful on my shoulder but it's nice to feel water again,) laughing or just holding hands listening to the wax and wane of the sea. I don't care it was cold, but there is something about being here, (possibly the sea air,) that makes me feel wonderful. I'm happy for the first time in a good long time, and no amount of fog can stop me! (Definitely the sea air.)

The sea always excites my curiosity, sure we can think of the massiveness of the sun or the universe. But why do we look up, when we don't even know what is at the bottom of the ocean? It's only been extremely recently, that engineering has allowed us to make subs which can withstand the extreme pressures involved. It was what I wanted to explore when I was youngest.

Of course that was a stupid idea, I would never be allowed to go down there myself, but the sea gave me an idea. I want to understand why.

Why does Slenderman Kill some, Hallow others, and Proxify the rest? Why are we the poor sods who have to keep running? And why do I keep having this fog since being kidnapped?

I know I'm most likely losing my sanity, I need to get myself together again. I am me. I refuse to be anyone else. I keep saying my name, over and over again in my head, maybe help become a bit more of an early warning system. A way of getting out of there before it gets too bad. Like it did that night...

I don't remember waking Joel up, or typing any of it. JOEL HAS ICECREAM!

God I'm such a kid sometimes. =3



  1. Mh the sea is lovely, I live right by it and spend a lot of time there.

    I question a lot too why Slenderman does what He does.

    I hope you two are doing good.
    Stay safe

  2. The big questions are what I'm hoping to start working on, as soon as I can get Cam to calm the hell down.

  3. Elaine: I agree, there are already people focusing on the How's.


  4. Really, I think both go hand in hand. If we figure out why, then the how becomes so much clearer, and vice versa.

  5. Don't ever explorer the deeper parts of the oceans! Believe me. You'll be much happier without meeting the Deep. Or would you love to meet something that scares other fears, e.g. Slendy and the Archangel?