Saturday, 4 June 2011


I think I'm ready to talk about it now, my side of the story... Joel is catching up on sleep on the coach. We take turns, a couple of hours at a time.  It's still a bit of a blur, memories do that kind of thing I guess.

I told Joel to wait outside the house. I wasn't out to them, so going in and saying. "Hi this is my boyfriend." Was probably not a good idea... I walked inside and there was blood, and the smell, like they had been dead for days when I'd only left them a couple of hours before.

I knew deep down that the Slenderfuck had gotten them, but I didn't quite believe it. Like, I could imagine my mum in the kitchen, cooking two tuna steaks. It was one of the first times I ate fish, I was about five and had to go to hospital because I got a bone lodged in my throat. Or my brother, how we shared a room for so long because the other one was full of


I can't think about it still without getting all torn up about it...

The thing is, this is really the first time I've been so close to death and what happened to them... I never had any pets, my family were really the only people I got to know. I'm not exactly good at making friends. My family was everything and Slenderman took it away.

Well... They were there, as Joel said. I saw them, didn't even have a chance to cry out. Wolf had me.I could feel this rubbery mask against me and the knife against my neck, it cut but not deeply. Self preservation and pain kept me from struggling.

Then we went outside, Joel having found us. It's been said before so I won't tell you what happened...
Only I didn't see the Slenderman behind Joel like he said he saw, I just saw him run away as I screamed for him to save me.

I can't remember much else, I remember waking up in a warehouse, spending a week in there, (There was a clock by the door. It was the only way I could keep myself busy.) dreading each time the Wolf came in because he was angry and spent a few hours with his knife with me...  Wolf is not the kind of Proxy you can shoot the breeze with. All I know is that he's strong, fucking intelligent, but he relies on basic instincts and his love for his Slendy.

I got out of the warehouse once, a couple of days in or so. I got to the forest, took a step inside and suddenly I was back in the chair, wolf pulling the mask up enough to reveal his mouth and getting a grip on my finger... Then screaming pain... I didn't try and run again... I saw Slenderfuck a couple of times too, he just stood there in front of me, I occasionally felt him touch me, but he never hurt me like Wolf did...

I'm aware that only a day or so passed outside. So I guess this counts as gained time instead of lost time...

But that's my part of the story... After Slendy touched me, I've been getting this fog, like all of my senses are dulled and I can't focus. It feels periodic, just a gentle throb of numbness, overwhelming me. I've heard that other runners get that feeling, a sort of static or fog inside their heads. But at the same time... My family were murdered because of me and I guess dreaming your way through life is an effective coping mechanism...

Joel is the only person I have left, he deserves more than what I am currently. But if this little mission of ours works and we both don't end up dead, tortured, or worse. We can get somewhere we can help.

Stay safe everyone, we certainly aren't. =D


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