Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Young dogs. New tricks.

I just realised what I miss about England. A good strong cup of tea. I woke up today and realised that it had been weeks since I'd tasted a cup of brown joy.

So we've been working hard, Elaine's been teaching both of us the things that she learned from other blogs and her own research. It's been difficult really since we've both been reasonably alright since arriving here and so haven't really got any way of practising the techniques. It's difficult to explain really. A lot about distinguishing between what's happening and what's inside your head because the G-Man decided to pay you a visit. I'll let her properly post about it. It's her work after all. I'll probably edit this post to link it later.

EDIT: Here you go.

The amusing thing about learning here is that Cam enforces breaks upon us, a random TV show here, Mario Karts there. He's not really flipping out much at all. He's still scared, all of us are, but I think with more of us here, he feels safer. Camaraderie I guess. As for Elaine, she's been pleasant enough, she has a pretty short fuse though. A pretty good thing for this, getting angry is better than getting depressed like Joel and I. One interesting thing I've noticed is that every day at 2PM she vanishes off somewhere and comes back an hour later. I asked Cam about it, he doesn't know really and I'm reluctant to press the subject with her. It's probably none of my business.

Needless to say, Team Labrat is training and will be ready to go soon enough.

Now to move onto the more perplexing and incredibly sad. Melissa has been having major problems and Dollmaker tried to kill Mystery. One thing that shocked me, and really, truly hurt was Jessica. If I were to encounter Dollmaker and Melissa had essentially been killed, right now this second, I don't know what I'd do. I'd want blood...

So yes, there are a lot of things on my mind right at this moment.

Keep safe, seriously.



  1. Well, this is interesting. I hope this goes well for you.

  2. You know, if you two want tea, we can get some from the grocery store. Proper tea is not impossible to get around here. We can get some when we go out for dinner tonight.

    Yeah, Cam is kind of a mother hen about all of this. You should see when I get sick.

    Um. Don't worry about where I go. It doesn't matter. Just a thing I have to do.

  3. Only good place in the USA for tea is in the organic hippie markets/stores. Trust me on that one.

    Nice to, for want of a better word, "meet" the pair of you. You both seem to have... fairly good heads on your shoulders, and as far as I can tell Elaine does too.

  4. Maurice: I hope this goes well too, else we'll both go crazy. Well, maybe not me, I've had enough crazy to last me a while, but Joel definitely. :3

    Elaine: You don't have to, though if we end up in the states for longer, Joel and I might have to invest. :p

    Jean: We'll keep that in mind, and it is good to meet you too. Joel mentioned to me that you and Kim were sort of role models for him looking after me when I was struggling.