Tuesday, 14 June 2011

don't know where we are


We we we we we got to the office block. Walked inside, got to the floor and looked around, we split up. BIG MISTKE! I walked into a room and suddenly there were two men in suits, I felt a barrel against my neck and  they took Batamon away. I looked inside and there were two chairs, like, cheap plastic ones. I let them search me and tha-that was when Joel came in.

DDDDificult throughf og, sorry. focccuscantfocus

It was the policccpolice that I saw... Iiinterviewers. Theonesiwasquestionedonandblurteditouton.

They weregonna... Theyhadnooses. He said "YYOU said that the best way of preventing it is making sure you keep your mouth shut."

I-Itriedtorun pppushed at oneofthem theyhithestairsand


theotherone aaaalready had joel onn a chair ttttying the nooseroundhis head. Icouldn't stop it... Ohgodohgodimsosorry. Icouldn't riskit... Iididn't want to live without hiim. Theotheronecame up again and made me stand on the chairtoo, ituggedhis mask off, then mine... Hewascrying iwascrying, he said "I love you." I said "I" and couldn't finish it... I dropped and then FOGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG I couldn't see. Static in my ears. Ititit


Sorry. I just woke up, I don't remember writing that, but Joel claims not to so yeah. I'll just continue:

I heard screams, their screams, snapping of bones. I didn't dare look. My one regret was that I couldn't- That I- but I couldn't breathe... I felt hands on me and fell into them. The fog was too much, i felt like I was dreaming that entire last bit. And then I woke up here...

As far as I can tell, we're in a cottage. Somewhere in the countryside. My shoulder is healed and my neck should be bruised but it isn't. I don't know how long I've been out for, but the phone says a week. Joel woke up a little earlier. He told me to tell you guys he tried going out the front door but just walked in again at the exact same time...

I don't know, I mean, this screams Slendy, but he saved us, and that's what confuses me about this entire thing... Why the fuck did Slendy take us both here?

Either way, keep running guys, hopefully we'll find a way to escape..



  1. Catherine AKA Kat14 June 2011 at 14:28

    not good, RUN.
    don't care what you have to do, run. don't stay, I don't want you guys there. GET OUT!
    he would only save you to make you do something or do something to you.

  2. I know! We're trying! But each time we so much as take a step out the door, we find ourselves walking back inside as soon as we do.

    Right now we're trapped. Gonna try smashing out of a window and climbing out of there.


    Nope. Climbing out of a window means you walk inside through the door again.


  3. Joel and Lucas,
    Are you guys OK?
    I mean how are you doing as of now?

    I'm sorry to say this, but Slenderman will not be helping you no matter how it seems.

    He's probably just fucking with your head's, I wish I could scoop in and help you somehow but I'm not allowed to go very far on my leg, even if the infection is nearly cleaned up and the cut is almost healed.

    Plus apparently I'm on some sort of suicide watch.
    Due to the cuts in my arms.

    Stay alive, keep safe, I'll pray for you two.

  4. If you guys find a way out before you read this than HORRAY!!! If not I have a short little spell that might work.

    Hagalaz, Thurisaz pronounced Har-ghawl-arz, Thoor-ee-sawz

    Both words have several meanings but you want to focus on Hagalaz meaning disruption and Thurisaz meaning evil.

    I hope it works for you and if it doesn't I'm so sorry for wasting your time. Be safe Lucas and Joel!