Saturday, 11 June 2011

So many questions.

Sorry again, we've been busy recently. Pretty much as soon as we got to bed that time, we had people hammering on our door. They said they were police, but Lucas was clutching his head again, muttering about the fog. I was panicking about what would happen if they got their way in, I took the wrench, pushed things to the door to keep whatever was trying to get in, out.

Then we heard gunshots.

Just a "pop pop pop." It seemed too quiet for gunshot, maybe it was silenced and then the hammering stopped. I heard something fall from outside, or at least hit the floor. I looked at Lucas, he was crying, scratching at his shoulder like it was killing him.

I ran to him, getting his hand from the wound and examined it. It didn't look infected but he was complaining that it hurt. I gave him some ibuprofen we had in the kit and he went to sleep whilst I kept watch. Note to self: I need to restock that thing. We're getting through it pretty quickly...

The next morning, everything had been pulled away from the door. I don't know how, I don't remember sleeping, but we're both here and nothing seems to have been taken. I looked out the door, looking at the carpet mostly, there was a little blood on there and on the door handle outside.

That and we found a note, it was handwritten on a blank piece of paper, and gave a time, (Not telling for our own safety,) date, (two days from now.) and GPS coordinates. (See: "time") There is always a possibility this could be a part of the PTC or something like that, but at the same time I keep thinking about the guys who interviewed us. I wonder if they had us followed and when they saw we were in trouble, they intervened...

We're getting out of here, it's clear that although Slendy has been absent over here, He still can get us if He wants. He has proxies for that reason I bet...

Me and Lucas discussed what our next move is and we decided that we're getting better armed. A single wrench can't save us forever. (Much to my disappointment. D= ) We're getting Lucas a weapon of some description, probably a cricket bat, and we're going to get masks, maybe they have something about them that could help us.

After that we're gonna show up at the location. After that we're gonna take things as they come. If no one shows or it's a trap, we're getting out of the UK.

Also, we prettified the blog, figured that blue was getting a little boring.

Best of luck to you all.

Don't stop running.



  1. A mask is at the heart of dissociation. If you wear one you are becoming a mask-wearer, something you may not want to be.

  2. Our reasoning behind it is that M said something about them being able to fool Slendy. If they don't then I agree, we'll get rid of them. Losing myself to a new face is not something I wish to do.


  3. Maduin's done pretty well for himself with a mask. Generally speaking feeling safe, so long as you stay cautious, seems to make us safer. Which I should look into in more detail.

  4. Feeling safer shrinks your fear. Less fear means you are harder to locate and also shrinks a fears influence over a person. The most important fact though is that a fear loses its powers if all of humanity stops fearing the things associated witgh it, e.g. Slendy can be killed of for real if humanity stops fearing the unknown! Otherwise he just resurrects! Sadly it also works the other way around. If humanity starts fearing something new, a new fear gets born.