Friday, 24 June 2011

United States of Whatever

Well I can't remember what time we got on a plane to the US, Texas to be more precise. It was early though. The plane was a great big thing with engines the size of people, sort of what I was expecting. But considering I've never flown before, I couldn't be sure.. Lucas seemed to know what he was doing, we got through security, sat down, had the air hosts and hostesses doing their little safety dance briefing.

And then we flew.

I felt like a child really, seeing the tops of clouds below me like it was as solid as the earth far far below. I just kind of wanted to climb out of the plane and run along them. But after an hour that excitement sort of stopped and I let myself actually sleep.

We slept most of the way, so we're not even all that jet lagged. Or maybe we're the opposite of jet lagged. I don't know yet. But today has been damn fun so far either way. Elaine and Cam are good people, we get along far too well for our own good, I'm pretty sure Lab Rats like us are supposed to be pretty impersonal with the one giving the tests in case the experiments go wrong, but really, I like them, it makes me sad we can't stay for too long.

Their apartment was the kind of thing you get with fourth floor attic rooms. It's high up, a good thing against Slendy, and lined with books. I'm tempted to have a bit of a browse, might ask Elaine later. We spent the rest of today being treated to a taste of American life, involving burgers and chips, (I'm sorry, I refuse to call them fries out of principal.) and probably the most delicious apple pie I've ever tasted.

Also Lucas, regardless of the fact we're together, when you and me are on Super Smash Brothers, you're gonna get Kirby Stomped!

Today is a good day. We're alive, actually meeting people who are experiencing a similar thing to us, and I can feel the positivity in the air like a happy static.

Keep safe you guys.



  1. Of course. Pick whatever you like. Just put it back like you found it when you're done. We both love to share books.

    Cam's excited you liked his pie. Apparently he went out and bought the apples and such as soon as he found out Joel was awake. The man has foresight. And amazing baking skills.

  2. So you're in Texas? Come visit me, aha. ^^ Kidding, but feel free to if you do so desire. Just ask and I'll email you a meeting place.

  3. Joel and Lucas, you may wish to find some things out. investigate. soon Catherine will be needing help. you have seven days. after that, 19 hours until she dies. she will have 3 chances to contact you with questions, well you and a few others. the answers will determine her fate.
    have a wonderful day
    -A Friend

  4. Hey. Lucas? This is Liam, where are you man? We should meet to discuss...well, shit. - Liam.

  5. Somebody's been busy while I was gone. I'm still very far away, but still, welcome to the States.

    I'm glad to hear you've found somewhere to stay. I too have come across some temporary lodgings. Let's hope they last.

    ...Kirby was always my favorite, too. He kicks ass when he's used properly, doesn't he?

  6. so sorry about that last comment. was hacked. good to hear u guys r okay. better than me thats for sure. but remember what M said about groups.
    still be safe

  7. Elaine: I found Alice's adventures in wonderland in your shelves. You win at books. :D

    Blue Rose: Right now we're breaking M's rules, I'm reluctant to break them again, maybe for an evening, but get in contact with me. My email is there.

    Liam: Same as the above really. Not for too long.

    Z: I'm glad you're alright. I mean, I was worried for a little while. :)

    Kat: I'm so glad you're okay, you had Joel and I panicking and worried about you. When people post things like that, I go a little bit paranoid. :p

    Be safe you guys.

  8. A trans-atlantic trip!
    What a good idea. Might have to look into it myself. Only so many places to run to on our lil' isles.