Sunday, 5 June 2011

Well, we're both alive...

Huzzah! A blog written by both of us!

Joel: Ok, to get out of the country, there are three things we require:
  1. Us being alive. 
  2. Money. 
  3. Passports. 
So far we had one of them, we were alive. But when Wolf caught Lucas, he had gotten a hold of his passport, keeping it in one of those small hidden safes in the warehouse. The key pad was touch tone, and he could remember the tune it made. So a half-arsed and downright dangerous plan was formed. If he kept a passport in there, perhaps there were other more interesting things we could take, like money.

We were gonna head back to the warehouse and steal from the slender man. 

So we did it last night.

We got in, it was quiet enough. It was dark but I couldn't hear anyone around, and the echos in the warehouse would have amplified anything. I turned on a torch and we headed to a desk off to the side. I didn't notice it there when I got to him earlier but yeah. It was there. Lucas went behind the desk and tapped on the safe's buttons.

I kept a light shone around the general area, wrench at the ready. I didn't like this situation, we were too vulnerable and if Slendy showed at the door, we'd have little in the way of a way out... Well it wasn't Him who showed at the door. Three of them, two wearing black hoodies and the kind of white masks you get at craft stores. The other was The Big Bad Wolf, brown hoodie, wolf mask, and his growling was echoing from every wall. Lucas swore, he couldn't get the safe open and was frantically trying different combinations as I muttered. "Get your knife out. We have company..." 

The two of them ran at me, I swung at one, they caught my wrist and punched my solarplexus in the blink of an eye, I was winded as I dropped the wrench, kneeing the figure in front of me in the gut. I think she was female, I heard her groan as I reached down to take the wrench again. I heard Lucas shout, "It's open!" As the other clambered over the desk, trying to get him. I was too distracted by the girl to get there in time

Lucas: I noticed the guy coming over, he had a great big carving knife and I swung up with my own puny little pocket knife. It caught him in the arm and stuck. He pulled away and it was wrenched out of my hand. I'd gotten maybe half of what was in there into this bag, he stabbed down at me and cut me where neck meets shoulder, I couldn't think. I was on the floor and weaponless, I reached in the safe, looking for something that could be of use. I pulled out a pistol... A glock or something. I'm not great with guns... It looked dangerous though... I swung round, pointing it at him, all the while probably bleeding gallons from my neck wound. "Get back." 

That seemed to work. I stood up and fell into a chair, gun pointed straight at him. He had a knife still, but was backing off. I pulled the bag onto my shoulder and stood up, right now I didn't care about whatever else was in there. "Let's get going..."

Joel: The sight of your Christian boyfriend looking pissed, bleeding and with a gun, is the most badass thing I've seen him do. It's no surprise that both of them backed off. Lucas was wounded... His t-shirt was bloodstained already. Lucas went around the desk, still pointing the gun at them, getting to me and making sure I was ok. I hadn't seen this side to him before. So determined. I've never been so proud of him. 

Then Wolfie pulled his own gun. 
Lucas pulled the trigger. 
"Shit run!"

And that we did. I broke the lock on this small door on the other side whilst the three of them chased after us, and then got out of there. We figured we were safe in the city again, so kept near people as best as we could. 

We dumped the gun in a local pond. UK law doesn't look kindly on someone carrying a firearm, so we got rid of it. It's better than being arrested.

So now, I'm pretty sure I've broken a couple of ribs, Lucas fared worse. I've done as best as I can, I stitched his knife wound, it was pretty shallow but damn close to an artery. I had to be careful and he will have to be careful for a while. No heavy lifting. 

We also paid a stop to somewhere else, but this post is already scarily long. We'll post everything another day. We both need some sleep...

Night all. 

- ~ Joel and Lucas

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  1. Congratulations. I'm proud of the both of you, Lucas especially. c:

    Still trying to keep my hopes up. I'm actually on a bit of a high right now, pray it lasts.

  2. I'm so happy you have each other. Your courage inspires me.

  3. S: If you're being genuine, thank you, if not, my sarcasm gland must have been damaged in the fight.