Tuesday, 7 June 2011


I cant stop LAUGHING it's MAD!


JOEL IS asleep so I should be quiet...

Hehe. WE're dead... I SaW HIM! He's at TheDoor windo DOOR WINDOW DOOR... He'smiling...


it's foggy. I CAn't see mysELF fthink! My braiN hurts

the BAG had my passport, DOLLARZ! not MUTCH but enough for Uss.

Wait... Smieling? Zlendy doesn't smile! But I have fog... But not slendy... I should wake up Joel... I feel fuzzy...



Not a proxy, I'm not... FuckslendermanFuckslendermanFuckslendermanFuckslendermanFuckslendermanFuckslendermanFuckslendermanFuckslenderman...


I looked on my phone and that was what was there. Lucas woke me up this morning, he'd torn his shoulder stitches and was in a state, I had to stitch him again and then we had to get out of there. I'm worried about him. Like, seriously worried. We went back to his house, collected some personal items, stuff to remember his family by. He seems different, jumping from terrified to jaded to determined for survival to this hopeless romantic. He keeps talking about fog though, how he "feels it" when he sees Tall, Dark and Faceless.

Melissa (I_L), apologies for not responding to your email. We've been getting out of here. Basically every time we settle down, Wolf is there like a fucking bloodhound. Looks like we have three pissed proxies after us, and they are damn close, too close all the time... We can't stop for longer than a few hours.

I'm currently, as for most of my posts, on a bus to nowhere in particular. I think we're headed to the sea. Maybe that will help Lucas get himself back. I'll do a proper post later...

In the meantime, keep safe guys.

- Joel


  1. Its OK, Its really OK.
    Just GO!
    Get to safety!
    Don't worry about some email, your safety is more important then my questions.

    Stay safe.

    With hope

  2. shit, joel ur a great friend for lucas, watch out for him please.
    i've been in that state before. try holy water, i'm not sure if it helped mentally but it helped with my physical sickness. no hurt in trying.
    lucas if you read this, hold on. it'll hurt as fuck but its worth it. please just hold on.
    run you guys, try to find somewhere safe