Thursday, 30 June 2011

We stayed too long.

Elaine is hurt, Wolf hurt her.

I don't know what to say... All I know is that we got the fucker. He was being taken away by police last time I knew... The past half an hour has been crazy.

It was just after lunch, Lucas was helping Cam wash up and I was talking to Elaine. As soon as the door opened Wolf was there. Elaine was heading out to do god knows what she does for an hour at the same time. He was there. He pushed her back from the door and she fell.

I didn't see what she hit, but she hit it with a crack. Lucas came through a moment after. Wolf had a knife, a flick knife perhaps? I wasn't really looking at it. I just charged forward in an effort to get it out of his hand. We ended up on the floor rolling around and then he sliced my back before Lucas could pin his hand and get it away.

I heard Cam talking on the phone, presumably to the police. Wolf was pretty much silent once he'd lost his mask, the snarling just faded. He looked maybe of Spanish or Mexican descent, I didn't recognise him.

I tossed it away, got Lucas to pass me some rope, (It's a useful thing to keep in a bag.) and he helped me tie him up until the police arrived. Told Lucas to guard him. (In hindsight I'd have given Cam the knife.)

Then Elaine became the priority, whilst I was looking after her, making sure nothing changed. I spotted Lucas pacing back and forth, like he was debating something. He moved toward the male and sliced the knife along his cheek.

Cam ran to him and took the knife off of him. Lucas started swearing at him, at us. He wanted blood, revenge. And I honestly don't know if I'd have let him or not. But the police were on their way. If they walked in on a corpse we'd all be in the shit.

Cutting the rest of it short, the police came, interviewed us and took Wolf away, along with the knife and the mask. We're now in the hospital. There was a lot of blood.

I've never seen Wolf without a mask ever, even when I interrupted him on one of his hunts. But what stays with me is that he was completely silent, all the time when his mask was off. Even when he cut on the fucker...

Elaine should be okay, but I'm feeling really guilty. We could have run earlier and then Wolf would have left them alone. Fucking angry right now.



  1. It is not your fault. You know that these people go and do whatever they please and might have gotten around to going after them without your visit simply because you were friendly. You took him down, Elaine was injured but will be okay. I'd say you did well.

    And if Elaine doesn't blame you for what happened (which I doubt she will), then beating yourself up over this is just masochistic. You can only do what you can, and no more.

  2. I have counted the cost of a losing hand:
    One man down.
    One man dead.

    Sound the bugle of the black-armed band.
    You watched her drown:
    Fall down like lead.

    How can the Silence be so loud?

    Hear it now inside your head...

  3. Ok Anonymous: What the fuck? I can't deal with this right now, sod off for a week or so and I'll be more than happy to have a rhyming argument.

    And Mystery: Thanks. It's just, we made a stupid mistake for staying here for so long. It isn't one I wish to repeat any time soon.

  4. Joel, it's not your fault. Either of you. Elaine would smack you for thinking it if she were awake. She knew the risk when she invited you. We both did.
    The important thing is that we caught Wolf, and he won't be hurting any of us again.

  5. Meh, it just gets me worked up when things like this happen...


  6. i hope u guys stay okay, thank god Elaine is alive! just keep moving okay?