Thursday, 23 June 2011

Slept rough last night

and damn my neck hurts.

We're currently at an airport. Safe-ish I guess. Lucas has been pretty quiet, occasionally he'll curl into me, make sure I'm not going to leave him whilst he sleeps. I'd say he's gotten clingy if he wasn't next to me looking at what I'm typi AS I WAS SAYING, LUCAS ISN'T AT ALL CLINGY WHATSOEVER

He just hit me. :o

We're currently at Heathrow airport, we have enough money for tickets and we're going to stay here until we've worked out a plan.

We are probably going to take up Elaine's offer of a couch, just for a few days so we can get our bearings and head off again. But once we're there, I'm really not sure what we'd do, possibly try and help Melissa with her Dollmaker problem.

It feels strange being here. We're surrounded by thousands of people who are going somewhere and don't even know He exists. And over and over again screams the intercom. "DO NOT LEAVE YOUR BAGS UNATTENDED AT ANY TIME!"

I doubt I'm gonna be getting any sleep any time soon. Once we've heard back, just confirming details and such, we'll get tickets...

-~Joel and Lucas

EDIT: Oh and who is the follower: queenrider51? I generally have a good idea as to who is following me on here, and right now I don't know who you are when perhaps I should get to know you. ^_^


  1. Was the "he just hit me" font size so tiny so he couldn't see it from where he was?

    And a harder question... would you two still be together if it wasn't for the hideous things you've been through? It's ok if you don't feel you can answer that... I know I have no right to ask.

  2. Nah. He could read, but he saw the humour in it and refrained from hitting me again.

    And for the more difficult question. I swear I rewrote this five times trying to word this properly.

    It's like choices, you never know what would happen if you turned right instead of left in a car. You could have gotten hit by a train, or you could have seen Him for the first time, or met your one true love.

    But you don't know. You turned left, you made a choice. Just like I can't comment on if we'd be together, because we're here, now. There's no point in speculating.


  3. I'm glad you too are good.
    keep going, I'm getting tired out here.

    I should go buy a nice meal.