Sunday, 19 June 2011

I know I said I wouldn't post but...

It's not good news. I saw slenderman today, just a few minutes ago. I've not left Joel's bedside for a minute since he came in, the nurses were pretty nice to me, let me stay there. Like they saw I was asleep and one kind soul put a blanket around me. Well yeah. I looked up and saw him just outside the door, looking in, I didn't feel the fog. I haven't felt it in a while, it's disturbing me...

Joel still is out, he's responsive to pain, but not noise. Nothing has changed since he went in.

We're not safe here, but he could have killed us before and he didn't. I don't think it's our time. Not yet anyway, perhaps we've got another plot point to fulfil. Either way, as soon as Joel is awake and functional, we are running like fuck.

Whilst waiting for Joel to wake up, I've been listening to a lot of music.

I listened to this and it made me feel really empowered:

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good bye...

For now...

Until Joel wakes up...

He will wake up, won't he?


  1. Of course he will. He's a tough bastard.

    Also, I'm amused I've got you talking about plot points. Good for you. Remember, for the sake of the Narrative, Joel will have to wake up. That's something you can count on.

  2. Of course Joel will wake up, he will.

    Just keep hoping.
    Keep faith, don't question that one fact.

    I promise you.

  3. Of course he'll wake.

    Waht kind of ending to your story would that be?

    You alone next to a comatose body as the shadows enroach...that's no way to end the story.

    He likes his stories to be complete.

  4. ... Maurice, do you know something? That's a theory I've been working on for a while...

    Wait. You're just a proxy. Or an Agent? Either way, you're camp and cliched and we don't really need your kind stinking up the place.

  5. There's been minor improvement, he's responding to noise, it looks like he's slowly coming out of it...

    I_L: I am keeping faith, it's just getting more and more difficult to, the longer I wait here.

    Elaine: Regardless of what side he's on, I hope he's right.

    And Maurice: Actually, me next to a comatose body as the shadows close in is a pretty interesting ending. It's not a hero's ending, no, but I don't believe in Core theory. Regardless, I kind of imagined myself going down swinging...

    I knew he was too stubborn to stay out for long!

    Well, yes. Fucker has a good sense of the narrative. If you died like this it would leave a hanging ending. The kind utilized a lot in cheap horror stories, but Tall, Dark, and Faceless seems to have a better sense of storytelling than that.