Tuesday, 10 May 2011

I can do better than that!

Well, considering the lax nature of my prior posts and considering that the whole thing is becoming more of a personal blog than random musings on my slenderblog, I've decided to make this a personal blog instead of a slender-musing-blog-type-thing.

In other news, I got a phone call from Joel today. Now, who's Joel do you ask? Well Joel is the guy who I had a date with on Saturday. I was feeling ill, just the whole flu kind of thing, only feeling more weak and feeble than before. Not to mention the fact that Joel seemed nervous. Even on the phone he said he wanted to see me again. And then something about "Him." And then that he felt safe with me. It was odd, he struck me as a fighter really, the first time I saw him. He made me feel safe. Simply put, I'm glad I could help him return the favour, but he's probably pulling some practical joke or another.

Yes. I know. This entire thing is screaming "Slenderman!" Especially considering I found out that "" is the operator symbol... But I doubt that's the truth. Besides, the whole Slenderman crap has been happening in the US as far as I have seen, so even if it were real, I'd have a very big pond for him to cross.

Also, has anyone else heard of Candlejack? I discovered it on the interwe

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