Thursday, 1 December 2011

Dead Man Post

First written on the 22nd of July 2011
Last edited: 20th of November 2011

Hi! Joel here!

If you're reading this, then we're likely both dead.

We wrote this post as like, a dead man switch, if one of us didn't update the time every ten days, then this would post.

I just wanted to say thank you I guess.

These messages are from the both of us.

Cam: You are this wonderful person and everyone should love you for that. You brightened our lives just for taking me and Lucas in that first day. I wish you and Jake the best in your marriage. Also Lucas kind of had a bit of a crush on you. Sorry about that. :3 Edit from Lucas: I know that you won't read this, but everything you did for us, even after you died. I thank you.

Elaine: Just know that you are this wonderful, brave woman, who's first response to any stimulus is to blame herself. So don't. We're not that good at being soppy to anyone but each other, but follow what that thing in your chest, which pumps the blood, (Lucas assures me it's a heart.) tells you to do. Thank you for helping us help you help us all. :)

DeMii: You've been a good friend, look after Lulls for us. It's a shame we didn't see her. Those emails, chatting to you, they meant so much to me.

Nick: You treat Elaine well, you hear me? Otherwise I'll dickpunch you from the grave. Comprende? (Actually scrap that, this goes to Shawn.) :)

Rachael: Keep alive, you hear me? You are not a bad person, I saw that when we met. You're a lovely person who helped me through the shit that was happening. Thank you so much.

Mystery: Your wise words always helped me get my head right, and thank you for the offer to stay with you guys, I am sorry I couldn't. I always imagined where you were as a haven. Edit: And now I have, well, I'm glad I met you. I'm glad I met all of you. <3

Shady: Keep strong Ma'am. We'll miss you, and show those government fuckers who's boss.

Schrödinger: Keep finding your balance darling, what you did meant a lot to a lot of people. I am sorry that what happened, did happen.

Spencer: You're an intriguing man, and you said some comforting words to Lucas when he needed something said at the wedding. Thank you. Also, see: Nick.

Josh: Just know that we care about you, ok? You are probably the reason we haven't torn each others throats out. Even if you did decide to call us "The Gays..." Seriously? What kind of nickname is that?!

Lis: Your hugs were awesome, you made me smile when things weren't so great. Also the scarfs, just little things that let us know that people actually like us. Thank you.

Tia and Blake: You two are adorable, keep alive. :)

Opal: Keep strong, keep fighting it. I know it's difficult but you have to keep fighting it.

Messenger: I know you're going to read this post before it gets out, I just want to say that you're a good person in a bad situation. Just keep remembering that. Also, this post... I would rather like it to be the last on the blog. If you wish to do a report, then post now. If not, we'll we won't be able to force you dear. This is a good mechanism anyway.

Ember: Darling, don't worry about whatever happens. One, you're not a monster. I'm sure you'll find that third option of yours. ~Lucas

And that's about it, I think. If I missed anyone, I'm seriously sorry.

Lucas wanted to say something on his own, I'll just pass the phone over to him:

I sold my old family home and arranged for money to be sent to a friend back home so we can be repatriated to the UK. He knows nothing about this... This life. And all I wish is that we are buried together.

I have friends back in the UK, they probably don't know what happened. I've got letters to send to them, that I lived a wonderful life.

None of it's true apart from this wonderful life. With Joel. With Josh. With Elaine for a large part of it. :)

If there's one thing I don't want us to be remembered by, it's what we did in this life. What I want us to be remembered by is hope. The bright side. That things can always get better, even if they look like they can't.

There's this ancient story from China, called The Butterfly Lovers.

You should read it, it is a beautiful story. This is just from memory, sorry if it's not entirely correct. Just listen to this whilst you do.

There was a young, beautiful, and intelligent girl who wished to learn in Ancient China, however it wasn't expected of her to learn, she, as a girl, was expected to be obedient and quiet and marry whoever she was told to.

So she disguised herself as a boy, and met a handsome young scholar, they became the best of friends. Slowly, but surely, the girl realised that she had fallen in love with him and as their education came to and end, she came up with a plan to get him.

She said that he should come and meet her family. As she had a sixteen year old sister who would love to meet him, and maybe even marry him. He seemed delighted with that idea, and they parted.

It was almost a year and the girl had nearly given up hope that he would ever return.

But no.

He did, he saw her, he realised what had happened. He was delighted and they spent time together, lovers at long last, they looked to a future together. But we all know that this kind of story doesn't work out that way.

The girl's father arranged a wedding with a rich man's son, she was bound to marry him, regardless of her feelings toward this boy.

When the young scholar heard of this, his heart was broken, his health regressed and he died soon after.

Her heart was broken, but she had to carry on with the wedding.

On her wedding day, there was a massive storm, the girl was on a boat destined to her betrothed husband's house. She had to go past her lover's grave but she couldn't. The storm wouldn't let her. A crack of lightning opened the grave and she threw herself in to join him. The storm cleared to reveal their spirits on the filled in grave.

Two golden butterflies, dancing around each other.

Never to be separated again.

~-Lucas and Joel


  1. Sucks to see you two go. Honestly wish I could have met you.

    Sleep well.

  2. I am...
    I am sorry
    it had to be
    this way Lucas.

    I am so sorry.

  3. Everything you never said
    will now remain unspoken.
    We will meet again
    in the place of endless days.
    Goodbye, and hello,
    Number 42.
    Awake. It's morning.
    The sun is bright and the trees are singing.