Friday, 14 October 2011

Resisting the urge.

Until I leave Hope, don't expect me to keep blogging. Maybe you'll see me around, maybe you won't. But I've decided that I need a little while away just to get my head in the right place and treat this as a rest break.

Well, that and give Josh an education. He's thirteen, he's not even in high school yet and he's running... So I've been spending a couple of hours a day just trying to give him the basics of running and the three R's. (Readin', Ritin', and 'Rithmatick)

Well, that and help Elaine out around the house.

And sometime inbetween that, I've been keeping an eye on Joel. I think he's improving a little bit. He's screaming less. Which could be a good thing...

Anyway, now I go. I'll post again if anything terrible happens, but I'll be fine. I'm sure. :)


  1. Heh, good for you. I'm glad I can give you a vacation. You deserve one.

  2. We should all just go to sleep for 16 hours in a row... oh wait... did it :D