Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Before I start, I am sure Lucas could make this far more poetic and pretty sounding. It's difficult for me to write at all really, but I suppose this gets to the practical sense of it...

Lucas and I had a chat last night.

Well I say chat... I'm gonna sound abusive when I say this but I'm really not.

Lucas told me he wanted to talk to me... I needed to make it clear that I was in charge... So well. I goaded him into attacking me and he spent the next five minutes face down on the floor with me just keeping him from hurting himself from struggling. I'm not sure if you know this already, but he pulled the revolver on Michael the day before.

It's a matter of Wolves... He is one, he doesn't look it, he doesn't act it, but he feels it. Just like me, back in New York.

For want of a better metaphor, part of us are fighting to establish top dog. (God I hate puns...) So I did what I had to to establish that.

He's far worse off than he lets on. I know it. He knows it. So I stayed like that, trying to calm him.

It was only then that I could talk to him. Now that fight was out of the way...


Well. We got to the actual meat of the matter.

He blamed me for leaving him alone.
I established there was no other choice in the matter.
We kissed.
We made up.

That's all there is to it that's important.



  1. So nice to see everyone getting along.

  2. So much kissing and making like bunnies these days.

    People finally stopped being prudes! <3