Monday, 10 October 2011

Well what do you know?

We've gone full circle.

Once again, we're staying with Elaine.

All three of us are... After staying in Haven, I didn't actually realise how big this was. So many apartments and rooms. I'm impressed at the amount of time Cam must have spent planning and preparing this.

This is his legacy isn't it? To create a place where people can feel safe from Slendy.

We arrived on Sunday, and Joel went away straight after we were settled. What's happening is we're giving him the same treatment as Star got, maybe this time it'll work. Maybe he'll fight it, maybe he'll even become Joel and not Wolf or this confused mix of boyfriend I've got right now.

And well... I chatted to him today... He sounded in pain.

I knocked on the door to hear a "Fuck off." The voice was stressed.
"Are you alright?" I found it difficult to talk with the door between us, I couldn't judge his facial expressions.
"Never better." He growled.
Well his sarcasm gland is still fully functional.
I slumped to the floor, my head pressed against the wood. "Would you mind keeping the sarcasm down a little?"
"Would you mind keeping the talking down a little?" He growled back.

I could imagine everything. His face, the way his lip curls when he's angry. His eyes.

"So, Elaine's got me doing things to try and protect the house. I don't know that much about them, but maybe it'll be helpful." I tried to spark a conversation.
"That's nice. Now please stop talking to me I'm trying to focus here. How long has it been since my last kill? Three weeks?"
I smiled. "Close enough. You've been amazing."
"Not good enough." He screamed through the door.
"Four weeks. Then five, then six, then seven then the rest of my fucking life. The deaths make Wolf happy but they kill Joel. Then Joel fought back and then we both broke at the same time... I suppose it's only right for two parts of me to have the same strength of will. How are you feeling?"

I knew what he was referring to, I remember scratching at the back of my neck idly. "I am alright. I'm surviving."

Wait, what? I was suddenly confused. He was angry at me. And now he's thanking me?
"What for?"
"For visiting me. It gives me someone to fight for. If I can do this, then you can blow away your own demons."
That's what she said?
I smiled at the door. "I did tell you I'd never leave you for as long as you wanted me here. I did promise."
"Doesn't stop it being true."

I stood up. "Good bye Joel... Talk to you tomorrow."

I don't think I have ever missed him so much.


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  1. I'm glad to have you all here. And I'm glad for the two of you. I hope I can help you.