Tuesday, 1 November 2011

So for Halloween I'm going as a...

...scary person with a Katana!

A day late!

That's right ladies and gentlemen! I have a new sword!

Elaine hooked me up with a guy she knew at a ren fair or something like that.

Of course, it's not as personalised as my cricket bat, but it's far nicer than my old sword.

I've been practising holding it again, I can't use it like I used to. My grip is too loose, I tried to swing and my hands were in so much agony that I dropped the sword. But the outside of my wounds have healed. I should finally be out of those stitches I've been trying so hard not to break for such a long time in a couple of days.

Joel and I, we're pretty happy right now. Been going through a rough spot, but I... I think he helped me get this other thing under control. I see why Joel ran, dual personalities sucks when you're only trying to express a single one. Hints of the other bleed through.

I guess it's like why Wolf still was convinced he loved me, that what he was doing for me. Joel bled through.

Plus Josh... Well Josh is being the little hellraiser that he normally is...

Ok, Josh is watching me type slowly, and he told me that he "resents that remark". Yay! I'm teaching him language that isn't swearing!

So yes, the exciting thing in the past week or so is the whole Michael going crazy and leaving and then coming back. It's pretty much summed up here and there isn't much else to say. Bad things happened, and now they're not happening. I'm just happy that things are reasonably quiet right now. Just working on getting my legs back to scratch.

That and I don't know why Michael got angry at me yesterday. I don't get it at all. Is it just conflicting personalities? I mean, I have to joke and keep a sense of humour going, otherwise what else is there?

Meh, I don't get it when shit like that happens.



  1. He's been a little up and down, yeah.

  2. @ Opal: Thank you for the stunning character reference dear.
    @ Lucas: I tried to make you understand. You didn't.

  3. Michael: Oh please, you shouted at me and told me I was stupid for trusting you. You did a very good job of explaining, didn't you? So why not tell me now?

    Straight to the point.

    Come on then.

  4. I didn't now you could italicize comments. Now sarcasm will be so much easier.

  5. The spelling could use some work however. :(

  6. Remind me to teach you how. It's simple HTML.

    Lucas: Don't joke about shooting people. A little tact is a good thing, and then everyone can go back to making jokes about dead babies.

  7. I'll make sure to take every single threat you make as completely serious next time.

    See? That wasn't too hard and didn't require tackling or knife pulling to resolve.

  8. Michael? Using weapons as a means to teach life lessons? Unheard of.

  9. By the way, nice job not telling Elaine about that bit with the knife. Made our conversation much more interesting.

  10. ... What bit with the knife?

  11. I seem to remember you being a little shocked when I told you that dear Lucas had threatened me with a knife. Seems he omitted details (again).

  12. Ah, yeah. Thought you were talking to Opal from the way the comment train had been going.

  13. The dangers of finding your comment hadn't posted as you thought it had.

  14. How cute, another toothpick for me to break.

    Would you like me to visit you again, little Lucas?

    I'm hungry. Devouring Dodgy and his lover awoke my appetite. Perhaps I will eat your boyfriend's soul? I'm sure he would make a very interesting demon when reincarnated to serve me.

    Let's talk about this more face to face.

  15. Whose soul did you eat now?

    How do you even go about eating a soul, you can't really chew it, or digest it. That idea is just silly.

  16. @Opal: The idiot has slenderdelusions of grandeur

  17. Considering you crucified me last time I talked to you "face to face."

    Please. Just go away.

  18. @Michael Slenderdelusions? How cute, the toys are trying to rationalize again. Your facade is so predictable.

    @The Jade Rabbit its a matter of inhaling correctly. I could show you how it is done, if you'd like.

    @Lucas I think not. I quite enjoy it here, in fact I understand now why He harasses you and your friends. Its mildly entertaining. And of course, "[/Trollface]". A wonderful quote, don't you think little Lucas?

  19. Thuggee, I think I agree with Lucas.

    Go the fuck away.

  20. Lucas, don't encourage that prick. He likes having some attention and someone to listen to him speak.

    I think he's a bit lonely now that he nommed his only loyal follower, heh.

  21. Oh look hehe a party! Hehehe jeez Thuggee, that doesn't sound like a pleasant diet to me.

    Lucas, I still have plans for your dog. :)

    Oh hey Shady. You're as cute as ever <3. Love the spunk.

    Dia, mean words are mean.

    I think my job is done here. Hehehe, hope to see you later.

  22. Oh, fine, fine, I'll be nice. Thuggee should go very far away and never both anyone ever again, and have a fairy tale life bothering other lowlifes. Better?