Wednesday, 9 November 2011

I think it's safe to say I could be worse.

It's Lucas here.

I read Mario's post yesterday morning.

It felt better than it should have. At least now I know what the fuck he's doing.

That nagging thought at the back of my mind is gone. Now it's right at the forefront.

Wolf is still alive. (Much to my distaste.)

Elaine has gone off to save those students.

And these lovely people are looking after us at hope.

That's about it...



  1. Knock on some wood or something dude, statements like "could be worse," are just asking for everything to go wrong.

  2. Tempt not the dread god Finagle, nor the wrath of his mad prophet Murphy.

  3. Oh. Everything does, it doesn't matter what I say. Eventually it does. :)