Sunday, 20 November 2011


I heard about the bruises you give him,
the ones he tries to hide from everyone around.
Don't deny it.
You hit him regularly.

Sometimes he deserves it for shooting his mouth off.
Or trying to hurt you.
But sometimes it is just rage.
You can't control it so you lash out.

Sound familiar?

You will have received an email.
A location.
I can help you Joel,
I can help you control it.

I have gotten better.
You hate hurting Lucas,
don't you?

Let me show you how to stop.
I still know Lucas is better off with me.
But I want him happy.
He has made it clear now.

I am not enough for him.

And if I am not enough for him..

How can I be enough for Master?

The Big Ba



  1. Don't let this guy manipulate you. Somewhere you know damn well what you really want to do or not.