Saturday, 12 November 2011

Turns out things could be worse.

Lucas posted yesterday that he could be worse off.

I suppose I am.

Our fights have been getting worse, any effort to keep Lucas in check is getting less and less likely to work. And... I think I am struggling to keep myself in check as well.

We fought yesterday on a stairwell, Lis saw us... Or rather, she saw me choke him 'till he almost passed out... I remember feeling my hands around his neck, how good it felt... How easily I could take his life away... Then I snapped out of it and ran.

We kissed and made up after but I don't wanna be like Mario, I really don't.

I'm not...

I'm not an abusive person.

I swear I'm not.

I swear it on his life.



  1. It's okay Joel. It's happened to me as well. There are just times when you reach boiling point and just lash out. My incident happened 4 years again and it still bothers me.

  2. It's inevitable. People and animals? No difference.

  3. Fuck. Hang in there guys. You're good people.

  4. Joel, if he had passed out, you'd be sporting a goose-egg on your head, honey. Also, next time, if you must fight, don't do it on the stairs. You two are not idiots, I would like to hope.

  5. Raggedy, it's a little different than repressing emotions.

    Michael, I'd like to tell you differently, but actions speak louder than words right now.

    Elaine: We're trying, I assure you that.

    Lis: I'd rather you didn't try and crack my boyfriend's skull open. We're not idiots. I started it.

    My fault.


  6. Hehehe you should have finished what you started.

    I don't get you people... why do you try to coexist when clearly it would be easier to just play survival?

    Joel, do yourself a favor and kill the parasite. Is it really worth the trouble to keep him around? And seriously, you know you want to. It'll feel real good ;)