Friday, 25 November 2011


I heard this thing that on islands temperatures feel far lower than they actually are. The fact that there lots of water means lots of wind chill. So you get Russians who feel a similar kind of cold in 0 degrees in the uk, compared to -10/-20 degrees in Russia.  I don't know if it's true or not though, so I could be completely bullshitting you.

And the thing is, it's beautiful weather in NY right now, clear skies. It's pretty. Just 13-15 degrees. (It feels colder than it is.)

I missed the noise really.

New York City makes me feel really small.

So yes, Joel and I ended up getting coats. Hoodies aren't enough any more really.

Joel got a great coat and

You know what? No. I can't let it affect me, I need to talk about it I guess.

I've not been sleeping since it happened. Josh... I remember the blood, and Joel saying he would sort it. He's not looked at me the same since...

God I'm sorry.

You know that spot, the corner of your eye. Sometimes I see Him there. If I turn to look at Him, He's gone. He just watches me, tall, dark and faceless. I don't feel danger, or fog. I... I feel clarity.

It... It feels good to be able to think straight, even if it's because Our Mutual Observer is around... I need it, otherwise I can't even think, I'm just so filled with guilt, what ifs...



  1. Stay together, and stay safe. Don't fall apart on us yet.

  2. I'm trying to hang in there... Right now, with tonight coming up, it's just difficult...