Wednesday, 28 September 2011

big and bad

I... I figured I would post this myself when my head was a little clearer. I see Josh and                      I want to kill. But I know I won't. It's not my right to take life away. I don't work for Him, I'm going rogue. I have good in me somewhere, I know I do I know it

Lucas told me of the possibility... The The The idea of um Im sorry. It's difficult to think straight at the best of times. That I could try and get Joel back. like my head... Fuck my head right now... Lucas is hurting, Josh is scared, I need to be sane for a little while i need to in eed to not some sociopath but it's safer if I dont feel anything. right now its safer if i dont feel


not an animal.

Joel not a wolf...


  1. You can do it Joel. Others with less to gain have done it before you.

  2. You can do this, Joel. I know you can.

  3. Running Bear here,
    You can do this. We're all rooting for you, and those who aren't...
    Well. Fill in the blanks yourselves. Best of luck.

  4. Have you stared into his eyes?

    It's so dark sodarksodark

  5. ... yeah.
    I have.
    Come on, Joel. Keep buggering on.