Wednesday, 21 September 2011


As far as cheating goes.
I am an arse.
I'd only seem more so
if I blamed it all on one or the other completely.

It was how I got my victims.
How I led them to me.
A hug here,
a peck on the cheek there.

More occasionally.

I was so absorbed in killing...
I didn't even notice that Joel...

The effects on Joel were too great.

When I was with Rachael,
on the way to see Schrodinger...
She got me to open up.
I felt so guilty...

She said... She said you'd understand.
I... I didn't know.
I don't think I can feel anything anymore.
There's just this

Other than anger,
I felt nothing.
Joel loves you...

I'm just a shell.

He's just my sheep's clothing.
If he knows me.
I would be surprised.
I fell into this so easily.

I don't even know if
there is a way out at all.
Other than dying.

I want Joel back.
I want to feel something again.
I'm going to try so hard to be
the man you fell for again.
Then I want to kill your stalker.

Fuck I'm craving a kill right now.

The Big Bad Wolf


  1. Please don't kill anymore people. Isn't that what sort of got you into this mess?

    You're still a person, even if you were Joel before. Now you just need to find a place in between.

    Hang in there and please try your hardest to start making things right. :)

  2. That is the problem
    Dear Bunny.
    I am the place in between
    and I feel nothing.

    All I want is to kill,
    and I don't want to kill
    and it's torture.
    Do you understand?

    Please say you understand...

  3. Just... Just come back Joel, Wolf, Whoever you are now. If you don't then I'll have to try and shoot you, and considering my hands, that's a bad idea.


  4. I know you want to, but don't.

    It's not that you're two people combined, you're a completely new person.

    You're not Joel, and you're not Wolf.

    So you decide who you are.

    @Lucas, Be careful. Stay safe. And if you ever need a lift feel free to ask.

  5. Listen to me.

    Go back to him.

    Its up to you, dear.

  6. A Sheep in Wolves Clothing?!?!?!?! Oh by god! HAhahahaha such a contradiction! Hahaha!

  7. I have him, it's like 5 AM but I have him.

    Thankyou, all of you except this dear Anarchist who can go fuck himself. :)

  8. ... maybe you'll succeed where I never did.
    I believe in you, Joel. Wolf. No matter how stupid that is.

  9. Lucas, remember me?

    I could help you with your relationship problems. I love the taste of wolf cooked over an open fire.

    You know that I can do it.

    As for you Wolf, I suggest you kill Lucas. You and I both know that he doesn't love you. It is the only solution to your problem.

    Good bye, you two. Have fun.

  10. Sorry Thuggee? What was that? I couldn't work out what you were saying over the bullshit.

    And Spencer, I only just noticed this comment. Joel says thanks.