Tuesday, 20 September 2011

There 'aint no rest for the Wicked.

If anyone tells you that being interrogated interviewed for eight hours by the Men in Black (I got a glare when I said that in the interview) was fun, they are lying to you. The doc unlocked the cell and I just walked out. Apparently I'd been free to go since yesterday, not that anyone had tried to tell me, mind.

Apparently they arranged some sort of visa extension for 24 months that should tide us over to apply for asylum or whatever it is for guys like us, they did the same for Joel. Now we're here legally! So maybe they're not all bad.

I do have to say though, when I got back to Haven, I was under armed supervision. I mean, what the hell do you guys expect me to do? Gnaw you to death? I can't even hold a pencil without pain.

Plus I got my katana back, well it's pieces. That pissed me off a lot. You guys have no idea how much effort maintaining a sword like that takes, do you? I'm actually more angry about the sword than the fact I can't use my hands.

Then Joel appeared at my window. He was still masked, but I could, I dunno. Tell.

Our dear Agent Z decided to point a gun at him, it took a couple of minutes to talk him down. God damn Americans and their trigger happy nature. I met him at the door and he tugged off his mask. I... I couldn't stop myself, I just flung myself at him, my arms wrapped around his neck, his around my waist. We just held each other, kissed, and just enjoyed each other's company for a few moments.

I can only assume that the Agent felt awkward at such a turn of events. He left us alone. It was that moment when Joel pushed me up onto my feet, backed me into a wall and started choking me.

"I know who Wolf is, you slut. So what is it? Have you been behind my back with him?" The venom in his voice was terrifying. I kneed him in the groin and he cringed forward, I then kneed him again in the face, enough force to his forehead to make his neck snap back and him to fall. I felt bad doing that, but I had to. He needed to stop attacking and let me explain.

I managed to get my knees onto his shoulders, taking the knife from his pocket and flicking it open and swearing at the pain. I pressed it against my lover's neck, only able to use my forefinger and my thumb to grip it. It was just then that the Agent returned, gun drawn, aiming at the both of us. I told him I had it under control but he stayed there.

"Wolf is my Ex, you idiot, Joel." He was snarling at me as I said that, but he didn't fight, I don't get why. "I ran before I met you, he's why I'll never stop." I rubbed my throat.

He just glared up at me. "Sure he is."

I dropped the knife by his head. "Then kill me." I stood up. I've not been thinking straight, he stood up, took the knife. He glared at me and folded it up. Taking my hand and leading me into the bedroom once we were alone.

"Tell me everything."

"Wolf's name is Mario Ricci. I was sixteen, I'd just started college in Manchester, and had been questioning my sexuality for years, fighting it. 

Then I met a guy at a club, the first time I'd ever been clubbing, me and a couple of friends sneaked in, then they got caught and I didn't. He was 25, tall, dark and handsome. He asked me straight, if I wanted to go out on a date with him. I was naive. I fell in love with him, he looked after me, made sure I was working in college, made sure that I was alright. 

He was the one who convinced me to come out to my parents. Because he wished he had a father to come out to.

They took the news badly.

They suggested I moved out for a while, so I did. Mario let me stay with him, I had nowhere else to go. He used that against me. I took whatever he dished out because I had nowhere else to stay, he stopped me seeing friends, he stopped me seeing family, he stopped everything. When I got the call from my parents, I had to pack a bag of clothes and sneak out whilst he was working. 

He was so angry. But I loved him. I went back. 

Bad things happened and I ended up breaking up with him.

That's where it went from bad to worse.

He stalked me in my classes, he waited just outside of school, he left a dead fucking bird on my doorstep. Hundreds of calls, death threats. He broke the restraining order so many times but he couldn't be prosecuted because we didn't see him.

So my parents, my brother, and I packed up and left. 

I changed everything.
Email, phone number, house, school, I dyed my hair, I started wearing glasses, hell. My name was once Oliver, but I had it legally changed to Lucas, you know nothing. I changed everything.

I spent three fucking years, and heard nothing. I healed.

I met you, fucker.

It was only after he attacked Elaine, that I realised. That, in the last days before we moved, he called himself The Wolf."

Joel just looked at me, held me close and told me he loved me, and he was sorry for cheating on me.

"You hypocrite." I admit, I lost it then. He'd just come at me because he thought I'd cheated on HIM. And then he tells me that he's cheated. We fought, I lost control of my emotions, it won't happen again. The noise probably must have caused a scene. He took a grip of my hair and yanked my head forward.

"I knew it." He muttered, kneeing me in the stomach. Two agents stepped in, restraining each of us. Joel pushed him away. "I'm sorry Lucas." He ran away again. I was too winded to do anything to go after him.

I'm going after him, I got my bag and some food. I'm leaving my broken blade here. Maybe it'll serve someone else better than I. I feel terrible about what happened, I just need to see him again, to understand what he said.

But first, I need to get my hands on a new sword, even if I heal, I still hate guns.

If I don't see you guys before I go, I need to leave as soon as possible.

You have my love and my thanks, and the best of luck with this. It was nice, having a family again. It made me far happier than you can imagine.

Good bye, I shall see you again sometime.



  1. He's lying to you Joelie. He would never admit it, but our love is real!

    Master knows that.

    And so do you.

  2. Fuck, Lucas... Fuck. I'm sorry.

  3. Heh you have fun now. A lovers quarrel is quite fun to watch.

  4. If you ever need anything... if Joel gets worse... you know you can call us anytime.