Sunday, 11 September 2011


You know that phrase.
"Revenge is a dish 
best served cold?"

Rachael was never like that.
When we saw what happened.
To the poor girl. 

She did the deed,
I didn't see fit to stop her.
She knew the girl better than me.

Cheshire was her kill 
more than mine.
So I did what anyone 
in my situation would do.

I took orders. 
I let her have her revenge.

When the time was right.
I took the feline's finger.
Added it to my collection.
Just for Lucas

The ferocity of it,
I don't know whether I should be 
proud of her,
or scared.

Cheshire was a monster.
And she put him down like one.
All I hope is that she didn't

The Big Bad Wolf.


  1. Poor puppy. Having to take orders... I suppose I shall have to put you back down to Beta, dear Joel.

  2. We'll see about that, Granddad. We'll see.

  3. Can you two stop bitching at each other?

    Joel/Wolf I thought you knew how much I hate it when you bring me them...

    And I assume you're Mario. Other wolf. Just leave me alone. Tricking me into running beyond the fence was really not that nice.

  4. Lucas...
    Why do you know him by name?
    What's going on here?
    Who's Mario?

  5. ... Joel.
    Thank you.
    For keeping her safe.

  6. Joel, I'll tell you when we see each other. It's very much a long story.

  7. Gotta love my size ten up your arse. <3

  8. You're a size ten shoe? I could fix that. Have you ever considered plastic surgery? I could do it for you for free.

    Hehehe, let's play sometime. I love doggies <3

    I especially love putting them down ;)

  9. You have fun with that, and maybe we should once this Wolf issue is sorted. And I've done what has to be done by me. Maybe we should.


  10. No no no, bring the wolf with you! Both of them! I have plenty of needles for everyone!

  11. So it'd be three on one, hardly fair, is it? So go OD on hydrochloric acid.