Saturday, 17 September 2011

Hellish Hijinks in the Haven Household.

Im sorry if there are spelling errors in this post. two finger typing and opiates do that to a guyy

If you havent heard already, I got crucified. (Like a BOSS)

I've got, overall three digits splinted. It would have ben four if I hadnt... After a week or so I should be able to remove them, and just do light exercises with my fingers. After then I should regain a little bit of my strength in my fingers. Not as much as before but that's what happens when you have two tendons in each hand torn.

Im currently in MASC hands right now... They're feds, I dont know whats happening out there, but they let me use a computer to type this up and let people know I'm alive, provided I complied with them, answered questions, whatever the fuck else they wanted.

So. What happened?

Well, I remember sitting in my room, when I heard a crash... Thuggee was here, I just knew it, something in the pir of my stomach knew it. I took my sword and drew it. Id been waiting for this fucker to turn up and show me he wasn't all bark.

The entire front wall was just rubble and dust and fuck all else. Thuggee was the guy with daggers. And next to him, I could assume was Dodgy. I remembered him from somewhere, but I couldn't work out where.

I got out of my room and through the hall just in time to see Shady kicked, quite literally, across the room. I was terrified, but it was too late now to back out. Afterall, I had the sword, I had the training, I could kill a couple of proxies. I ran towards the two, swinging my katana with a scream. It felt good to be doing something again. Thuggee sidestepped it and Dodgy darted to the side. I figured Id go for the softer target.


I was relentles in my attacks, forcing him back where he tripped, I was so close to finishing the fucker when something grabbed my leg. I looked just in time to notice there was nothing there, and flew into the wall. I remember screaming from that, as the Katana was taken from me, once again, invisibly. Then I was pulled to the floor, my legs buckled.

I thought; "this is gonna hurt," as he rounded on me, literally flung me into the kitchen. I tried to stand up again, my legs hardly supported me at the time. My sword was nowhere to be found.

So I settled with the nearest sharp object. A steak knife.

It took so much effort to just keep from falling forward. But I got some resolve when he started using my katana to hurt Tim. That was unforgivable. I stabbed up at his throat, but the blade didnt connect. Mainly because Dodgy decided he wanted revenge for last time. I fell to the ground, my back screaming in pain and tried to stab up at him.

But he had the advantage this time, in the scuffle, the steak knife vanished.

I swore and kicked him away, getting to my feet. Wobbly but still more than happy to punch the fucker. Then I felt something on my neck and then the kind of pain.... I can't describe it... If I screamed it wouldn't be enough.

My head was pounding, I think I bit my tongue, blood was pouring from my lips as I spat on the ground just before he flung me back in the kitchen. The oven wasnt so kind as to break my fall. I lay there in front of it, my head not knowing what way is left or right, as Thuggee rounded on me. I felt an image pop up into my head, I... It was an image of Jesus on the Cross.

I remember silently pleading, sobbing, as he lifted me and pushed me up against the kitchen wall. Made me watch as my Katana was broken in front of my eyes. I wasnt fighting anymore. I was just begging. I could feel as my hands were pinnned in place as I begged him not to do this. Then suddenly pain. I was hanging from my hands. He was crucifying me.

In crucifixion, your arms (and normally legs, I wasn't so lucky) are the only things supporting you. But when you're hanging from them, it restricts your airflow, allowing you to breathe in but not breathe out. You have to physically pull yourself up on your hands in order to take a breath, until you couldnt anymore. Your death was from suffocation.

At that point, Id stopped thinking, it was just pain.

I stayed there. Pain, tense, breathe, pain, over and over and over again. I

I dont know how long I was there, but Thuggee was gone.

"Poor, baby, Lucas..."
I heard, my heart sank.

Pain. Tense. Breathe. Pain.

"It's me."
It's not Joel.
"You fucking failure."
Not him. The words bit as much as the sword did.
"Someone went to town on you."
Anyone but him.

Pain. Tense. Breathe. Pain.

"You look like a work of art like this. All hung up, this guy has an eye for beauty."
I want to cry again, but my body doesn't seem to want to waste energy, instead It just boils up inside my head. I hate every moment he's around.
"Tell Joel that The Alpha said Hi."
That gloating voice of his.
"And that Mario shall have you all to himself soon."
I wished I wasnot like this, then I could have stabbed him.

Pain. Tense. Breathe. Pain.

"Well, I say myself, I have to share with Mastter."
He backhanded me in the face. Hard.
I was too dazed to really listen after that.
Event though I think I was practically unconscious, my lips twitched up into a smile.

I may have failed to protect everyone, but this was a fight I could win.


He wiped that smile off my face by simply doing what he did. He yanked the two halves of the blades from the wall, leaving them in my hands, and watching as I fell to the floor, still like that. He then carried me over his shoulder as he walked outside. My vision blurred.

I remember hearing noise people talking, some shouting

He put me down, tucked something into my pocket and whispered into my ear. When I ran off a couple of weeks back, I had invited him in. I remember it now...

"You owe me Lucas. A wedding would suit you if you could wear a ring. Welcome to the family."

Then I, thankfully, passed out.

I woke up here, a doctor was changing the bandages around my hands, the cut on my back was clean so it should heal nicely. He offered me more pain meds. My palms felt like they had been put through a blender. They still do, I can walk, and maybe run a little, but I could see through the holes that have been made in my hands. They've been stitched, but it was a rush job.

They have me in a cell somewhere, I have no idea where, but it's quiet. The doc sees me for about ten minutes a day, sees if I need anything and vanishes again. Don't even know the guy's name. I don't know anyone's name here, they won't talk to me that much. Just that they're MASC and that I must look like an utter mess.

I only recently discovered that it was my finger he'd slipped into my pocket.

A token of his affection...

It makes me feelit makes me feel sick...

And on that note, I should try and get some rest... Maybe they'll, I dunno, ask questions tomorrow. Considering my past experience with authority figures, let's hope these are the good guys.

Oh and Joel, we need a chat.

Bye for now.



  1. Holy fuck. Just. Fuck I'm so glad you're alive.

  2. That makes two of us dear Elaine. :3

  3. Seems you had one hell of a party eh mate? heheh

  4. Heh, you could say that, Anarchist.

    All that was missing was the hangover and waking up next to someone you regret. It'd have been a riot.

  5. I go off on a spirit journey and come back to find...Holy shit, hell in a handbasket. I'm glad you're alive, Lucas. Truly..