Sunday, 4 September 2011

Stir crazy

Bored Bored Bored Bored BOREDDDDDD.

I'm sorry but it's true, other than chores, there's very little to do. I can't stay in one place for too long, I've never settled down. Even before this slendy shit happening.

Hell. Even MY WOLF has vanished off somewhere. And, I might add, without saying goodbye. :p


 I've finally decided to try and fix my St Christopher. I remember Wolf yanking it off my neck in the forest. Then I remember him hitting me and stamping. I looked after the chain, but it's only a link that's broken. The clasp is fine...

 All I really had to do was open another link and slot it back into place. It was a 30 minute job, but now I'm wearing it again. A little ironic considering I'm not travelling.

Mainly though, I've been trying to get my fitness back up. I've been training two hours a day. It's easily enough to tire me out and put me to sleep that night. Although without a partner it's a little difficult to learn.

What else to talk about? There really isn't much.

OH! There's me worrying about Rachael, I hope she's all right. Last thing I heard was that Wolf was off to meet her on her way to go rescue Schrody...

I mean, sure, Wolf has killed people before, but I'm not entirely sure he would stop simply because she says so... It worries me greatly...

Hopefully he'll be more Joel than Wolf at that point in time...

Rachael, I hope he's treating you alright. If not, I'll slap him the next time I see him. :3

Good luck guys.



  1. Train, little pet.

    I'm anxious to meet. That way, I can "Come at you", as requested.

  2. Little... Pet?

    Are you trying to seduce me Mrs Robinson?

  3. Practice with your little toy sword, boy. Your attempts at witty banter will get you nowhere.

    Perhaps I'll let Dodgy have you after all of this is finished. I'm sure he'd love that.

  4. Ok then Mister Proxy.

    We'll find out who's got the toy sword, won't we? [/doubleentendre]