Sunday, 14 August 2011

Back to work.

Lucas is only injured
I ensured that.
His life is mine to defend
and even though my life belongs to Master,
defend it I shall.
I hope he enjoyed the presents I gave him.
The sword was the one I took from John Smith.
It calls itself "Battle Ready."
So I assume it can be used in combat without posing a danger.

And the fingers.

They were what my love is missing.
I want him to know he's not alone.
Even if he feels I've deserted him.
We all know how easily embarrassed 
he gets when you look at his finger. 

Lucas isn't strange
or unusual
or unnatural

I want him to know that there are
who are just like him.
Talking of being just like him, I met a woman,
quiet, bookish.
She was thirty something
she was sweet, worked in a library.

Green eyes and mousy brown hair,
pulled back into a ponytail.
Whenever she was thinking about something,
I noticed she would touch her glasses.

Anything to distract her from the Wolf
who also had an interest in Jane Eyre
and Master.

I think she was surprised 
when I pointed the revolver at her 
and led her to a bridge.

I then told her if she didn't bite her finger off,
I would push her.
To give her credit, she tried.
But I'd kind of gagged her.

The height broke her legs.
The gag muffled the scream.

I joined her at the bottom,
and put the barrel of the gun against her forehead.
I took her finger as payment for ending her life.

I shall have another gift for my love when I return.

The Big Bad Wolf


  1. ... Fuck
    Joel... please, if you're still in there...Fight. We're all cheering for you.

    Wolf, go fuck yourself.

  2. You used my name.
    I did have a witty remark
    About it being possible to
    train bitches such as yourself.

    But instead I'll say this:

    Thank you.

  3. Cute
    maybe when I put you down
    trap the big bad wolf in a Loop
    I'll take a few things from you as well
    I don't think Joel will mind

    Do you?

    You're serious?

    If you're talking about body parts
    still attached to myself.
    I'd suggest Joel would've minded.

    If you're talking about my gifts for My Love,
    and my kills for my Master.
    I can always get more.

    And I doubt you would be
    stupid enough to try
    and take my love.

    And here's not even me starting
    about the fact you think I can
    be put down, at least, not without Lucas
    after your blood.

  5. Excuse me? ME baying for Spence's blood if he killed you?
    Right now this second. You're not Joel. Joel died when he ran off back in New York. Your past few posts have proved that to me. You have NO FUCKING RIGHT to act like I love you.

    Wolf, you're like my friend's cat, it left dead birds on his bed all the time.
    You think you're doing good, but a dead bird is still a dead.

    When I see you, I WILL put you down.

    Now if you don't Goddamn mind, I am going back to bed. My chest feels like it's going to explode.


  6. Wolf, you're a real piece of work you know. Acting like you have the right to claim 'love' for Lucas. Joel did. YOU don't.

    I hope he gets the chance to off you.