Friday, 5 August 2011

A post thing saying what happened since I left.

God, everything has been crazy since Joel posted that last post.

I'd just read the post and I heard someone knock on my door. I got scared and took the knife and put my backpack on. Joel must have taken his when he whacked me. I don't have much weight on me, but I think blind fear helped. The door opened and a guy in a mask was there, I think it was the same one who we stole from back in the UK, the ones helping Wolf. It was him and a girl, in those craft shop masks back then. I don't know where the girl had gone. I just charged into him, presumably I winded him, he was on the floor and didn't follow me that well after that when I just ran.

I stayed in the bus station for I don't know how long. I just was there, looking over my shoulder and fucking terrified of what I might see. Since Joel left me, I've been bad, and not even the "I'm being stalked by slendork" kind of bad. It's that every time I've jumped out of the metaphorical frying pan, my boyfriend's been the one to pull me out of the equally metaphorical fire. Since he jumped into the arms of Slendy, I've not really known what to do. I suddenly feel sickeningly alone, scared to even get up in the mornings. The attack woke me up. There's no point in me staying there, getting into trouble from proxies trying to get Joel to give up.

So I found myself in a cafe, like we'd planned, Mystery was actually different to how I imagined she'd be, I dunno, different. I guess that's what happens when you read blogs. Your imagination thinks of someone completely different to who they actually are. Like, I might be slightly ashamed to have imagined Mystery as the equivalent of Miss Tick from one of the Terry Pratchett books. (Apologies.) But she is so different, perhaps a little eager to feed me up so my ribs don't show when I breathe out, but kind. That much is clear.

But then, less than a day after I arrive there, Shady finds herself kidnapped. I was outside at the time with the girls. I don't really understand what happened, all I wanted to do was sleep, but since this happened... Well. Let's say I'm sleeping lightly, if at all. I didn't know Shady that well, outside of her blog, but she and Mystery supported me when I was in need, and I need to help, I need to do something, anything that could help.

I don't feel safe, but I feel safer than if I was on my own. Regardless, when you've spent time in the company of a single person for such a long time, it's strange talking to others.

This place needs a name, even if no one else calls it such. I think I'll call it Haven. Maybe the name will make it slightly easier to sleep at night.

Joel, you know what I'm going to say. Keep on fighting it, I will see you when I see you.



  1. :D Well, I suppose the only thing I have in common with Miss Tick is being a witch and not looking like one.

    Sleep Lucas. It's okay. No one will take anyone else from my house. And thank you for naming it. It will be Haven from now on.

  2. Good call with the name. Sleep lightly, but sleep well.

  3. Mystery: Another Pratchett fan?

    And... And I think I'll try and have a nap. I don't know what I'll do tomorrow, probably try and help out. >.>;

  4. I'll have my copy of the Hogfather movie waiting when you get up. ;-)

  5. Fucking hell. You just relax. You need it. Email me if you want to talk. Please try to stay safe.

  6. Mystery: I LOVE that movie.

    Elaine: I fully intend to try and use this time as a brief respite. And I express the same invitation for you. If you want to chat, just drop an email.