Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Good night gorgeous

Call me Wolf, or Big Bad. Joel isn't befitting of me any more.
Now a... Let's say friend, of mine is staying near where you are Lucas.
Like me, he is a hunter... Well I say hunter, I mean a kindred spirit.
Well I say kindred spirit, I mean friend.

Follow me?
If you see him, you do not give chase, understood?

I met a young man in a bar earlier,
twenty two years old 
but looks younger than that.
 He smelled a little like you.
Same quirks, 
he has that lopsided smile you have when I tell a joke.

He was haunted by the same ghost you are.
Losing those borrowed lives you call family.
And gaining a new one led by father.

He isn't the first to lose a finger.
I gave him a lovely little Chelsea smile to boot.
Of course it was a little longer on the right hand side,
I want him to have that lopsided grin on him for the rest of his life.

Then I stood him up,
wiped his tears, 
lied to him about how brave he was being,
how I didn't want to do this but Father makes me

I made his eyes smile because his lips couldn't,
let him know it was over soon
and sent him running towards the door.
I then shot him in the back.

21 bullets left.

Do you know why I do this?

It isn't because Master makes me,
he leaves me alone to choose prey it seems.

Apart from the particulars.

It isn't because I find it fun,
even though it is indeed pleasurable.

I do this because I adore you.
Almost as much as Master.
I want everyone to lose what you lost.

My love.

The Big Bad Wolf


  1. Even now you could have him once more

    You can fight the itch, Joel.

    It hurts of god it hurts

    but I would kill myself for one more night in my loved one's arms.

    He lives, Joel. He's alive.