Monday, 15 August 2011

Lesson: Learned.

I'm sorry, about the whole running off thing... It was a massive mistake... I was stupid, I let this situation get the better of me, and I... Well I paid for it...

It wasn't Joel who I followed... It was Wolf... ... I can't explain it. A different Wolf...

If I had to give a guess. He was about the same height as the one who attacked Elaine... The escapee wolf.

I... I was so convinced... I let him close to me...

It was just pain. Not as bad as the torture when I lost my finger, but... It was bad... I... I heard shouting... Fighting...

It's all a blur. I feel so vague, I'm not trying to be. But I honestly don't remember much...

There was a moment when I was drifting in and out of consciousness and I could have sworn it was the other Wolf carrying me...

That would explain the severed fingers and the katana...

He knew I did kendo. Admittedly it's not quite the same as actual sword fighting, but it'd give me some kind of proficiency with it.

I... I don't know..

I'll look at the everything later...

I'm sick of this...

All of that shit happening at Return to Slender has me terrified.
The fact that Wolf is killing anyone who fucking reminds him of me, is down right disturbing, and all in all, making me bear the guilt for the both of us
And the power outage.
And nightmares again.
And everything else...

I'm walking about now, just a little bit because each time I stand up, it feels like I have to sit down again... I'm just restless. I can lie down for a few days, but eventually I have to do things...

I want to get training again really. Relearn with the Katana.

Because I know what I have to do now. My Joel is dead. I don't care anymore...



  1. Don't bear the guilt. You've got no control over Wolf. Not your fault at all.

    But that's easy to say and hard to feel.

  2. Don't bear the guilt of another. His actions are his own, no matter what his reasons are.
    I agree with your thought to re-train, it might help you release some of your inner emotions in a healthy manner.
    Good luck, Lucas.

  3. Lucas...You can do this.
    I wish I knew what else to say. Good luck is really all I have. :(

  4. Lucas. Fucking hell I'm so glad you're alright. Don't give up hope.

  5. Lucas, I...I’m sorry. I’m not good with words.....please don’t blame yourself. And I’m glad you’re alright.

  6. Lucas, I can't promise everything will be alright. Even without Slenderman, life is never certain. But you are surrounded by people who will support you and try to help you no matter what. I know it's small consolation, but Joel would not want you to be under the shadow of what happened to him forever. Please don't make your choices based on any ideas of vengeance or horror. The best revenge against Slenderman is living well and for those who love you.