Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Good morning Sleepyhead.

I hope you've been having a good time darling.
How is your cheek doing?
I hope it's healing alright.
Keith shouldn't have touched you like that.

He suffered for it.
Something about you Lucas.
I don't understand it yet...

If you'd like to know what happened to Joel,
He fought,
He killed one in cold blood,
drove my knife in to his gut and then I took control.

I tore at his organs with my teeth as they spilled out.
I can still taste his bile,
and blood,
and everything went into focus
as he fell into shock.

It was then that I saw him again.
Master. Father. Slenderman.
Whatever it is you wish to call him.
He touched the back of my neck.

I can still feel him
crawling under my skin.
It feels so new to me.
But so familiar.

Now I'm his pet,
his hunter,
his howling predator.

Because that's what I am now,
until Master has no more use for me.

The Big Bad Wolf


  1. Lucas... I hate to suggest this, but I really think you should block Joel at this point, or start a separate blog and monitor this one. Distance yourself from Joel or Wolf, or whatever he's calling himself, at least until we can figure out what to do about him, for him.

  2. ... No...
    Fuck. Fucking fuck. Joel...

  3. ... and we all.
    Who do you think will be next...?
    Either way, Lucas. Start running, because it doesn't look like you have much of a head start.

  4. Mystery, I know... I'm changing the password.

    Elaine:He's spouting the same shit as the old Big Bad... But he's not gone. He can't be gone.

    Spencer: If there is one thing I refuse to do right now, it's run. There have been other proxies who've defected...


  5. You block one route and I find another. It's a shame, my love.