Monday, 29 August 2011

What are your asks and I shall give you your answers

Tell me.
What would you like to know?
I'm sure Lucas would love to ask me things.
So I suppose you should be able to as well. 

You have one week, 
and I shall answer.
maybe my lover will reply too.

You never know.

The Big Bad Wolf


  1. Oh joy... You know what? Go on then, I'll play ball.

  2. What do you want most, right now?

  3. Was it Joel or Lucas who followed my blog?

  4. I have a proposition for you. Email me.

    It's in Lucas' email, I bet you can still get in there, right?

  5. ... What are you willing to lose? Do you have anything even... /left/ anymore?

  6. Ah fuck. I can't sleep so let's get this over with.

    Elaine: What I want most right now is for all this shit to be over. I want my life back to how it was when Joel and I were flirting.

    Atalanta: It was I who followed you, your situation genuinely scares me.

    Maurice: What? Oh joy... Thanks for that Rachael. Hopefully it's still even slightly secure.

    Spence: I suppose you're asking Wolf, because with the latter question. I've been trying to answer the same thing with him.

  7. Sorry, I should've clarified, my question was for Wolf.

  8. Thank you. That's a relief. Was afraid he thought he'd get something like what I got. That it was partly my fault he gave up.

    Sorry, being selfish.

  9. Elaine: To murder the one who made me like this.

    Spencey: I've always been willing to lose nothing, but it doesn't always turn out the way we like, does it? You know what that's like. Right?

    Atalanta: Joel gave up because he was weak, you had nothing to do with it.

  10. Wolf...


    How would you react if I died? I mean, would it even affect you?

  11. What the fuck would you know? Wolf? Not half of it.

    How about another question.

    Do you hold any cards that we don't know about? A winning hand that could turn the tides?
    Or maybe all you can do is bluff?

  12. If I was capable of bluffing I would call myself The Big Bad Fox... However you seem to be good at losing people. Maybe you'd be better off as a Wolf... I mean, there are less people to care about, and all the killing you could imagine!

    There are some things you don't know about, but they're not ready to be discussed.

    I don't hold any magical piece of information that could stop you guys losing. You'd need far more than information.

  13. Oh and Lucas... Joel loves you very much, and that has an effect on me. I would tear anyone who touched you apart.