Sunday, 7 August 2011

A not so pleasant wake up.

The last time someone woke me up that close to me, it was Joel and I almost stabbed him. (When we slept in shifts, he learned that it was better to throw something at me so it didn't happen again.) So when I woke up to find a doll standing on my chest, arms folded and looking at me like she was thinking of the best way to tear my face off. Well yeah. I sat bolt upright, pulling the knife from under my pillow and yanking it into the air by the leg with my left hand.

That was when a very flustered Lullaby screamed at me to stop, bursting through the door frantically. She tore toward me, took the doll and glared at me. It was how she was holding the doll so tight. I'd just woken up. I was bleary eyed and wasn't in any mood for an argument, but a shouting match came anyway.

"Why did you try and kill dollmaker?" She squeezed the doll tighter.
"She woke me up."
"You were going to kill her?"
I looked confused for a moment. "What? No! I mean-"
"But killing her kills me!"
By now, I was on the back foot. "I know that! You try waking up to a rag doll standing on top of you and looking like it's wanting to murder you!"
"You always hated her, didn't you?"
"For a fucking reason! Something you seem to have goddamn forgotten!" Ok. I went too far, that was a stupid thing to say. The three of us knew it, but I didn't have a chance to back out of it.
The doll looked at me, for some fucking reason it looked like it was smiling. Lullaby was distraught and ran off with that damn rag doll.

As angry as I am, I have to go, I owe Lullaby an apology.

A big one...



  1. Dollmaker is a manipulator. She's more or less harmless now that we put her in that doll, but she knows Lullaby inside and out. She knows how to turn her against her friends. I would suggest some kind of present... maybe some dollclothing if you can find any in Dollmaker's size at the thrift store.

  2. Fuuuuck. Be careful, Lucas.