Wednesday, 24 August 2011

You guys are such good distractions... You know?

I guess I kind of am to blame for this one. When I mentioned that Cam's Bachelor party was crossdressed, Lullaby decided it would be a good idea to get me back in drag. Then she made up everyone, even Mystery! Oh, apart from Shady... And Mr Sunshine as far as I can tell. Not that I've actually seen him since arriving here.

First things first. NO, you can't have pictures. Such overwhelming sexiness would break any camera we try. And NO, pictures do not exist of me online like that...

As far as I remember... I'm still a little foggy about that night.

*ahem* Remember that dress I got Joel to wear? Well that's what you missed. <3

Anyway... Yes. That's all I had to say about that.


Outside of being dragged up, well, I've been having an email conversation with Spencer.

He... He told me a story, it mentioned The Collector and the group from 23 Seconds...

Of course it's just a story, but it gave me an understanding I needed to hear.

It was about a young man who was smarter than the rest, named Harper Salisberg. He discovered our mutual enemy, saw the risks and did what he had to do. 
He ran.  
He ran before anyone else did. Until he met a man. A Man who performed Miracles. He worked for the man,  a courier, and he mastered everything that was laid in front of him. Including the Path. The house. Anything... He was, in Spence's words, perfect. 
But the Man who made Miracles and Mr. Salisberg... Well. They were both fooled. There were other groups, other people, who were watching... 
They ambushed them and the Man who made Miracles, and the others who worked for him. They left him to die. They took him and something deep inside him, that darkness, letting it grow. 
There was The Collector, a few years ago, he was a lunatic, a psychopathic murderer with no respect for human life. But he died. They needed a new one, and they chose him. 
I don't know what they did to him, and nor does Spence, but it changed him. Made him inhuman. And there was nothing the Man who made Miracles could do. 
Because The Collector needed to want to be saved...

Of course, this is a story, I don't know how true any of this is. Hell, I still have trouble believing in magic. 

But if I could treat this as a mental illness, even if it's paranormal. Then I can't fight it for him, Joel needs to want it. I can't force it upon him... 

Well. That's it right now.




  1. I... That.. Joel's still in there. He still loves you.
    We can bring him back. I think.
    I hope.

  2. The Man who made Miracles? Could be Jack of All, aka Jack the Hand or Jack of the Red Hand. He goes wherever someone has a strong desire for something and asks them to make a wish. The price for the fulfillment of the wish is always terrible, e.g. you want someone gone and Jack kills said someone and their entire family or you wish to save your world, to right what went wrong in the past and Jack goes and splits the timeline so that your world still ends but now another one exists. He isn't a fear, a god or a demon. Just a very powerful supernatural entity whose power comes straight from humanities desires/wishes! And he can certainly make miracles.