Thursday, 11 August 2011

I can't sleep like this...

I can't sit still enough to sleep, even now... I keep thinking about Joel. I'm trying so hard to love him, it hurts every time I see his posts... And then I think about the poor guy Joel killed... Trying to forgive him...

Sometimes I think I'd be right in putting him out of his misery. I don't take murder lightly, but I don't know if I'll be able to restrain him enough for Mystery to be of help.

So I stay in the garden, keeping myself busy until I can work out what the hell I'm doi

I... I thought I just saw someone in a wolf mask... God I must be going insane.

No... He's still there... Watching me as I type this...

It's Joel, it has to be my Joel.

He noticed me, shit. He's running.


  1. The Mad Ventriloquist is very sorry. This is a very difficult situation. And while it is great that Lucas is still trying to love Joel, this could get very dangerous very fast. A personal enemy doesn't just go for physical pain. They head for the heart.

    The Mad Ventriloquist isn't going to suggest murder. But something does have to be done.The Mad Ventriloquist wishes Lucas well.

    He wishes Joel well too.

  2. Lucas... be fucking careful. And good fucking luck.

  3. Be careful, please. He is not the same person you loved. I know it sounds harsh of me. Maybe he can be saved, but you can't save him by getting yourself killed or captured.

  4. There has to be another way to save him. But Eternity's right, running off after him without thinking might spell disaster.
    Be safe, Lucas.