Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Guess who found us.

Joel was blogging, I was writing in my diary, I keep one as well as a blog. It helps me keep track of my mind when we don't have internet access. Plus Joel reads it so if I do anything too hallowed he can drag me back into the land of the crazy. Wolf practically broke down the door as he came in, I don't know what happened really. He had a gun, we couldn't fight him without one of us getting shot, ending up in hospital, and I'm not willing to be the one holding my lifeless boyfriend's hand whilst slendy draws ever closer. I don't think I could deal with that again.

Well yeah. I don't know what happened. It was like when he had us, he didn't know what to do. We were both sat down on a bed, he was on the other side of the room, pointing the gun and then nothing. I swear I thought he was going to kill us. But no...

We were like that for about thirty minutes when he spoke. "You on your knees." He was pointing the gun at me, and I did a double take, not quite sure. But he walked up to me, dragged me into the centre of the room. I-My face I

Sorry. Lucas just asked me to finish the blog post, the day has been long and scary and I fully understand that... I dunno... I'll finish it now.

 He pointed the gun at me, placing a carving knife at the side of Lucas' neck. "Go on. Say it." He spoke through the mask. "Tell him it's gonna be okay. Tell him."

I had a gun aimed at me, but I tried to keep calm, make sure that I took my time before doing what he said.

And then he moved the blade up and cut along his face, into his cheek. Just like Lucas did to Wolf last time we met.

God that laugh... The fucker was enjoying it.

I rushed toward Lucas and wolf stepped back. I had truly lost it then, I was just seeing red. I was too busy making sure my boyfriend was alright. I looked at him, wolf took off his mask. I don't get what I saw, it was a different guy than the Wolf who attacked Elaine. This guy was albino, had a definite London accent. That was Keith, the guy I rescued, the guy who introduced me to all this!

He looked spooked, looking over my shoulder and turning to run out of the room. But tendril's caught him, dragging him back, screaming over our heads. We saw him torn apart before our eyes, it was like an explosion of blood and gore, covering us both...

By now, the protective anger I felt before had been replaced with blind fear. I pulled Lucas toward the door, groping for the handle. But the door was locked... I slumped down to the door, squeezing Lucas' hand. The last thing I remember was Lucas telling me he loved me, and me saying it back as tendrils shot toward us.

I woke up later, still against the door with no blood anywhere from Keith...


Blowing up.

 My head is burning. My focus is shot. I get why Lucas calls it "Fog."

It took me five or six hours to get this written up, normally with a post this long, it took maybe twenty minutes to half an hour... I can't focus on it.

We're alive... That's about all I know for certain... But two wolves? Or was the one of them pretending? And Keith... I thought he was dead... Wolf said he was dead... Or he was wolf. Or- FUCK

One of us like this, fine, but two. I'm not sure what we're gonna do.

Get Mad. Get Angry. Get Fucking Pissed. Get drunk. I fancy that right now... We need to get out and do something. At least getting drunk would have us outside in the fresh air as far as going to a store and getting some chocolate and cheep vodka is concerned. Both of our sanities have taken hits the past couple of days. I think that would help, and if not. Then the Chocolate should increase our serotonin levels. And if that doesn't help. Well. Alcohol and company will, definitely.

I'll discuss things later once we've showered and gotten back. Bye for now. Sorry for vanishing so suddenly.



  1. Oh, boys. Be careful. Be fucking careful.
    I'm glad you're alright. You scared the fucking pants off me.

    Booze is probably not a good idea, honestly. Makes it harder to keep a hold on your own mind, and considering you're already freaked to hell, I wouldn't recommend it for safety reasons. Chocolate and company are both good though.

    Email me if you need/want to talk


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  3. Elaine: Thanks, we're trying to be careful. But right now, I want to relax. You're probably right about the alcohol though, I just want to do something stupid that'll bring me back to the days when we decided it would be funny to break into a warehouse and steal money from under Wolf's nose. We've been playing everything too safe...

    And Iscariot: I'm sorry about Ridley.