Friday, 8 July 2011

San Francisco!

It's odd. Never before have I felt so... I dunno, free to be myself. Everyone is different here, and well, we found ourselves in The Castro. Essentially in San Francisco's gay district yesterday, finding ourselves some lodgings pretty nearby. I don't know how Joel does it, he seems to get these hostel places for us for next to nothing... My theory is that he's the ultimate haggler. We're still counting cents, perhaps he's just good. Gah! It's times like these that I wish I had a camera with me.

This part of town is spectacular, it really is, I've never been to a pride parade before, so I've never seen ONE rainbow flag, let alone fifteen, just hanging outside of bars or even over the street, and it isn't even pride! In the UK, we're supposed to be accepting, and we are to a degree but I know for certain that it's dangerous for a couple of guys to even hug in some parts. We're very isolated. Probably because our culture is that everyone keeps themselves to themselves. "None of our business" happens a lot where we lived. That's what I've seen as different in the US, people are far more binary and far more loud about their opinions.

It's really really sad that we're going to have to leave soon. I'd have loved to stay here longer. I felt so at home. The manhunt for Wolf continues and so we're still in danger. The police don't know where he is...

We're keeping moving, heading east. We've both been seeing things, it's difficult to focus. I remember getting a blinding headache last night and then I woke up just now due to Joel shaking me. He looked really tired, bags under his eyes and I felt the same way, like I'd been doing stuff all night but didn't know what.

Now I have to add Slendy induced sleepwalking to my repertoire of creepy things that are happening to me, along with lost time, minor mental break downs and fog. Huzzah... We've decided to start sleeping shifts again, we kind of were lax about that at Elaine's house. A combination of jet lag and laziness got to us both.

I hope everyone else is, to some degree, alright.

Bye for now, I'll post again when I can.

Oh, and Cam, your cookies are awesome. <3


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  1. Glad you like San Fran, I figured it'd suit you two a bit better than Texas. As much as I love my state, we're a bit too slow to change with the times.

    And yes, Americans are loud about their opinions and wanting you to agree with them. It's part of our special charm.

    Sorry about the sleepwalking, I'd hoped that it wouldn't happen with what I taught you, but it's early days for that yet for you and we're still figuring out just how effective that really is.
    Sleeping in shifts should help, though.

    Cam says thanks, and is glad you guys enjoyed them. He already misses having you guys around.

    Stay safe,